St Wilfrids church in Wilford,  is the local anglican church for the people of Wilford, Silverdale and much of the Compton Acres estate.  We belong to the Church of England Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham.

OK, that's the formal bit.  Now here's something about us.

Although we meet in an ancient church building, we aim for our worship and life to have a contemporary and accessible flavour. As a congregation we are a mixed group of folk,  all at different stages on our journeys of faith, but are seeking to travel Godward together. All are welcome and we hope that that open-ness to one another is something that marks us as God's people. As we explore faith together, we focus on the person of Jesus Christ, and place a strong emphasis on the importance of scripture, and also on the exercising of key spiritual practices that help us to follow Christ, and discern his leading in our lives for us as a church, and as individuals. We don’t have all the answers, we’re not perfect, but we’re all trying to get to know Jesus better & you’re very welcome to join us!

As we seek to discern God's leading on us as a church, our sense of vocation as we have discerned it thus far, is


With Jesus, With one another, & With our communities.


Our main service is at 10.30am every Sunday morning. It lasts about an hour and a quarter usually, and will include singing with a music band (keyboard, guitars, drums etc). On the first sunday of each month we celebrate communion together and so the service lasts a little longer usually 1hr and a half to an hour and forty. It’s fairly informal and friendly, while following the structure of a Church of England service. Everything you need to know will be explained from the front or projected on screens.

We invite you to join us in the Church Hall for drinks and biscuits after the service, which helps us all chat and get to know each other.

People of all ages attend these services, and there is a corner with toys for little ones, as well as usually some colouring sheets if they are needed. Children are very welcome, and we don’t mind if they wander around or make a bit of noise!

On the second Sunday of every month everyone stays in to worship together, but on all the other weeks there are groups & activities available for children.

We are committed to being involved with our local community, especially our two Church of England schools - one primary (South Wilford CE VA Primary School) and one secondary (The Nottingham Emmanuel School).

We also run a pilgrim group throughout the year for those interested in exploring the christian faith in a small group setting alongside others who are exploring and asking questions as well.  Click on the Picture on the left if you'd like to know more.

If you're interested in coming along to pilgrim then please contact us.



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