The Parish Church Council (PCC)

What is the Church Council?

The Church Council (or the PCC to give it its 'grand' title) meets during the year to discuss matters related to Church life. It is elected by the Church at our Annual Review Meeting, usually held in April each year. Church Council members generally serve a term of three years. There is opportunity to mentor new members and encourage wider involvement in decision-making in our church.  Between the PCC meetings there are various subgroups that meet to explore some issues further and bring suggestions back to the Council. If you would like to know more – or would like to be involved, please speak to of the ministry team or one of our Church Wardens.

The PCC members, following the April 2016 election, are:    ‚Äč

This year's PCC will consist of: 

Deanery Synod Reps: Rob Baxter, Eddie Mason, Rose Brown 

Treasurer: Peter Brown, 

Church Warden: Wendy Cranefield, 

Co-opted Reader: Peter Cheslett (swapping with Margaret Kidger) 

Re-elected PCC members: Ian Cranefield, Paul Wicks (Secretary) 

PCC members: Mandy Marsh, Gary Willis, Lindsey Barnes, Gemma Hardy, Tom McGowan, Mick Barrowcliffe, Chris Bemrose, + One Vacancy 

+ Clergy: Phil Marsh (Vicar) Maureen Collins (Curate)

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