Depression: A Contemporary Poem

DEPRESSION  (A Contemporary Poem)


Depression Gif


A large, enormous Black hole,

Scrambling, fighting, unsuccessful to the top

Hopeless, agony, frustrating

Tearful, suicidal painful

Loneliness, isolation

So hopelessly agonizing

Wanting to give up


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Fighting every move,

Scrambling, crying, screaming inside

Nervous paranoia,

People talking about me

Wanting to hide

People whispering

So lonely in an isolated world


Depression Gif

Where is God?

He has deserted me

I feel so alone, scared, frightened

I am unable to pray to God

He isn’t there

Oh God What is happening to me?

Where are you?

I feel God has given up on me


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Sleep, sleep, sleep, deep sleep

To escape

Keep away from people

Not having to put a happy face on

A fight to get up

Being held down by huge cannon balls

Just want to stay in bed


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Don’t eat, Eat too much

Just snack eat

Don’t want to make meals

Just pick at food, Wrong food

Feel sick, low, not hungry

Panic attacks, drink water


Depression Gif


Just watch TV

Switch off, mindless

Don’t want to eat, Don’t want to read

Don’t want to bother

Cooking, cleaning, washing

Just exist, so insecure

Just sit or lie there


Depression Gif


Sleep all day

Awake all night

Doing Candy Crush

Not having to think

Joanna Basford colouring books

Birds cheeping

Morning has broken

Sleep, sleep ,sleep


Depression Gif


Family, friends support

Need to help myself

Do one task a day

Make myself be with people

Counselling helpful

I unburden myself of all

The rubbish thoughts, bad memories

And uncomfortable feelings I feel inside


Depression Gif


Help myself

I can have good days or weeks

I enjoy them to the full

One little thing tips me backwards

But I bring myself forwards

I live for the moment

I am learning to go with the flow


God I have found You

You have helped me out of the darkness

Into the light

Holy Spirit, Peace and calmness

God has carried me

Small nudges in the right direction

God loves me and guides me

He has given me peace, I am not alone


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