Mental Health Awareness Guides

St. Wilfrid’s has two ‘Mental Health Awareness Guides’ (MHAGs)

The MHAGs are Wendy Brown and Debbie Ballantine. They are supported by a Mental Health Wellbeing Team who help them with support, ideas and inspiration about how to do things the best we can.

Their role is to help our church to be aware of mental ill-health. The church has historically been good in supporting people who are physically ill, but mental struggles - depression, anxiety, dementia etc. are equally as disabling, but less visible. It can be tough caring or sharing the journey with a friend, partner or child facing these challenges.

The MHAGs want to ensure our church notices and meets these needs too – by offering empathy, understanding, fellowship, prayer and pointers to professional help, if appropriate.

It is all part of ‘Sharing Life - with Jesus, with one another and with our communities’.

Thank you,

St. Wilfrid's MHAGs

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