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5th October 2014

CTWB (Churches Together West Bridgford)

Tuesday was an encouraging gathering of members of the various churches in the West Bridgford area. It's great to hear how God is working in many and various ways in our communities. From toddler groups to dementia care, porn scars conference to school chaplaincy, Christians are active in the community! We had a visitor from a police officer who said he was amazed by how much is going on, and thought the police were "missing a trick" if they didn't work with our networks! We are thankful for our local police officers: Irene and Matt, and continue to pray for them.


Nearly 40 YEEPIEs (Young Elderly Energetic People Into Everything), plus a few younger helpers, met in the church hall on Thursday to hear from Age UK about home security and to receive a few tips on how to avoid falls and care for bones in advancing age.  It was a team effort, organised by Margaret Kidger with Anne Mason leading on refreshments, Neil Marriott providing music and technology expertise, Maureen Collins giving the Christian message and other members helping with transport, hall set-up, serving tea and generally making folks feel welcome.  Thanks to all who helped.  As well as the value of the messages, these occasions are appreciated by our older people who love the chance to get out, meet and chat with one another and hopefully experience something of the warmth of God’s love.


12th October 2014

Mutter about it …. Last Sunday’s Service

Last Sunday we looked at the call of God on Joshua, as he takes over the leadership of God's people following the death of Moses. Be bold and very courageous is the command, yet this is accompanied by another, a command to adhere to God's law and to dwell in his word, to meditate, literally to mutter God's word over and over. We reflected that strength, boldness and courage all have a source, and God urges us to make that source his life giving word. We reflected on Jeremiah 17 where God declares that those who place their trust in him will be like a tree that is planted near water, sending out its roots beside a stream, and as a result it is not afraid when heat comes, and bears fruit even when there is no rain. The word of God, a source of life giving water that sees us through all seasons, if only we would daily draw on its resources.


Shoe box Sunday...transforming power of love

This Sunday coming we are launching our shoebox campaign for the month of October. Looking at the work of Hilario and Veronica in Mexico we are going to consider how we can and do make an eternal difference in God's economy , and we are going to look at how we can involve ourselves and others with the shoebox initiative.

And this year, as last we have ready made shoe boxes for you take together with leaflets on how to fill the boxes at the back of church. Please feel free to take as many as you can fill, or invite others to help you.

Do gather with us for this family service, where we come together as the people of God to share in His heart for the world.



19th October

Shoeboxes…. Moments of eternal significance Update or move?

This Sunday last we launched our shoebox campaign, looking at the stories of Hilario and Veronica, whose lives have been transformed by the power and grace of God. Your shoeboxes enable folk like Hilario and Veronica to share Good News about the love of Jesus with children and communities in some of the poorest areas of the world. Veronica’s story told of how receiving a shoebox brought her into contact with the love of Jesus Christ, and how that transformed her life, and how she is now sharing the gospel with countless children every year. One shoebox, reaping a harvest beyond your wildest imaginings. Our little, in God’s hands, multiplied….. tenfold, thirty fold, 100 times what has been sown. You involving yourself in shoeboxes has eternal significance….In God’s economy he invites us into his plans and purposes, and transforms that which we offer into moments of eternal significance. In fact because of Him, everything we do for Jesus…day by day….. everything we do in the name of Christ and for Christ is used of God to transform eternity. 

And why do we desire to do these things? Because when God adopted us as his own children, he gave to us his spirit. (Romans 8) 

If you would like to know more about operation Christmas child please click here, or goto http://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/  

Involve others in the transforming power of love

Last year we as a congregation packed 165 shoeboxes! This year a number of folk were taken with the idea of inviting work colleagues or neighbours to join in. It is a fantastic opportunity to invite others to join in with sharing the good news of Christ. So while you’re at it. Pay attention, be attentive to see who around you meshes with the idea of sharing God’s love through a shoebox. You might discover a person of peace who is open to you and the gospel you carry. Use this season to pay attention to what God is doing in the lives of those around you.


2nd November 2014

Shoeboxes - involve others in the transforming power of love

Loads of people have said they are planning on doing shoeboxes with colleagues in work or school. I’d love to help the church gain a picture of our connectedness with others. If you are doing shoeboxes with work colleagues or neighbours, can you please let me know by dropping a quick email to revphilmarsh@outlook.com so that we can encourage one another!


9th November

Light party on All Hallows Eve 

Over 25 children came, ranging from ages 1 to 11, along with over 20 adults who came with them and joined in the fun. It was good to welcome families from our community who don't usually come to church. We did lots of lovely light based crafts, had a quiz for families on light, soaked some children doing apple bobbing and laughed at them eating donuts off a string. In the back room lit only by (battery) candles, the children helped tell the story of Light and Dark throughout the Bible with their glow sticks, and we sang some lively songs before "marching in the light of God" through to a yummy dinner of hot dogs and pizza! Happy children and families left with stickers and neon gifts and sweets, and the message that the Light of God is stronger than darkness.
Many thanks to the 18 people of all ages who helped make it such a success.

Curate Training

Maureen has various events run by the Diocese as part of her Curate Training. This week she and Phil went to Hucknall where they heard three different clergy from the diocese reflect very personally on their understanding of what it means to be a priest. And had opportunity to talk together and reflect on their own experience and views. There is nothing like it, and we both love working out what that looks like here in Wilford, with all of you. Do pray for us, as we try and exercise our respective roles and callings in this place as fellow servants of Christ alongside you.


23rd November 2014

Travelling Nativity

This year we will be having some nativity characters travelling round our parish - like Mary & Joseph travelled to Bethlehem - during Advent. We are inviting members of our church and community to 'host' the Holy family for a night during Advent.
The 'host' dates are filling up quickly, so if you would like to be included contact Maureen quickly. Think about ways you could include others from our community in your celebrations. Some people are taking them to groups they are part of (from Brownies & Playgroups to Senior Citizens & Knit & Natter). Others are inviting neighbours or friends round; someone's having a 'Nativity tea' with school friends!

We are very grateful to Doris Edwards of Silverdale for knitting us a nativity set. It is beautiful and will be available to view in church this week. Maureen would like at least 30 small sheep knitting so each family can keep one - ask her if you need a pattern.
It’s time to start knitting – I need them by Thursday Nov 27th
If you are able to knit some small sheep, or if you would like to sign up for a date to host the Nativity Figures during December, please see Maureen or email her on revmaureen@live.com


30th November

Encouraging others… Making a difference…

This is a picture of the main tearfund office. Hanging from the ceiling are the response slips we as a church filled in at harvest time, pledging to care for others or to pray. When we sent them to Tearfund they were so moved by them that they strung them up around their offices as an encouragement to the whole team so that they can see how their work is enabling churches like ours to involve themselves in mission. They also sent us this message;



Dear St Wilfrid’s,

                Thankyou so much for giving children hope in the future. Thank you so much for your gift of £104. (this was the loose collection that day in addition to the personal pledges people made by giving envelope). Your amazing generosity will help protect vulnerable children across the world from the dangers of trafficking. The lure of better paid work across the border in Thailand was strong for 12-year old Tong who lives in Laos. Since leaving school, two years earlier, she had struggled to earn very much. Her family of nine go hungry for three or four months a year: the rice they grow is not enough to fend of hunger all year round. Luxuries like new clothes are out fo the question. So Tong was preparing to leave – for a country where child exploitation is rife, but she met Tearfund Partner World Concern just in time and was invited tto attend a four day tailoring course. Here, Tong and 14 other girls aged 12 to 22 learnt how to sew traditional Lao skirts – and were given tools and basic materials to start small businesses. Now Tonmg can earn £1.70 profit from each skirt she makes and she can make two or three a week. “I can now earn some income and can buy new slippers!”  Tong says excitedly. The attraction of Thailand has faded fast, “here I can be with my family: There is no need to go there!”

Thank you again for helping us to follow Jesus where the need is greatest – to protect vulnerable children and give them a hope and a future. With Love in Christ, Tearfund.

(Way to go St Wilf’s!)


21st December 2014

Pre School praise

Wilford pre school Came to church with many parents and carers to sing Christmassy songs and learn about the Christingle, and how God's love that surrounds the world is shown in sending Jesus that first Christmas. Parents took the Christingle "ingredients" home to make with their children later on, encouraging them to talk about God and the Christmas story - taking God out of church into their homes!

Luncheon Club Christmas

Luncheon club members gathered to share in a lovely Christmas dinner, with crackers and hats, a free raffle, and singing happy birthday to PC Matt Pooley. They too made Christingles, and as they were lit, prayed for a peaceful and joyful Christmas with the Light of the world.

Schools at Christmas

Both schools have had their carol services this week, Emmanuel taking the theme of ‘my christmas’ and South Wilford again braving the outdoors. Friday Morning Emmanuel end of year acts of worship focus on the persistent truth of God with us, in every circumstance regardless of the season. South Wilford will be crowning their Jesse Tree with a celebration of Christ and all he gives us. Do pray for both our schools, their staff and the students as they rest this Christmas time.

Pre School Nativity

Both Silverdale (Wednesday) and Wilford (Friday) pre schools performed their nativity plays this week. Thank God that we have pre schools in our area who do tell the Christmas story each year, to the children and their parents. Pray that something of message of God's love will come through, as well as the amazing cuteness of the children! Pray for all the pre school staff as they enjoy a well earned break.

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