2015 News Archive

11th January 2015

17th JANUARY: Direction setting
Saturday morning 9:30 am  – 12pm.  Bacon cobs and the church family getting together to hear what we have been learning and discerning and helping us sharpen our focus for the next 2-3 years.  Please make it a priority.
This will be an opportunity for us as a church family to continue to discern together what we have been learning about how God is calling us as a church and who and how god is sending us to and sending to us. The outcomes of this congregational gathering on the 17th will then form the basis of a discussion for our PCC as they set about discerning priorities for the next two to three years. Therefore this is a really crucial conversation for you to involve yourselves in as we seek to discern God’s leading together.

Join with us to transform lives of women affected by domestic violence.
Send a friendship bracelet to Zambia
As part of the united society’s 'Hitting home' campaign, we are inviting you to show your support for women in Zambia by wearing an Us friendship bracelet. The United Society (Us.) are working with churches around the world to combat violence against women through friendship, prayer and practical support.
In Zambia, we are working with the Anglican Church to roll out a nationwide programme that includes women’s support groups and training in job skills so women can be financially independent from violent husbands.
We have received a box of friendship bracelets which will be avalable at the back of church. On each card you will receive two bracelets. One for you to wear. The other for you to return to Us with a donation and a personalised message from you for Us to send on to a woman facing violence in Zambia.
Your bracelet is part of your pledge to remember, pray for and support women in Zambia, and around the world. There are also prayer diaries available as well. We thought we would like to give folk the opportunity to involve themselves in an activity that will bring hope to many women in dangerous situations.



18th January 2015

Pilgrim Group

The Pilgrim group starts on Thursday 22nd January at 7:30pm, and runs for 6 weeks. This is a great way to explore the christian faith and holy habits that develop discipleship. If you have a person of peace that you would like to bring along, or if you want to develop holy habits that develop your own discipleship and faith please contact the office so that we have a handle on numbers for pudding.

The group runs for six weeks, each session beginning with some short prayers, helping people to become familiar with or to explore the role of prayer in christian life. There is then a time of conversation and getting to know those around you, before a short film introduces the theme of the evening. The film is followed by a reflection on and exploration of a short bible passage, helping people to discover or explore how to read the bible for themselves, and then there is the opportunity for discussion and exploration together, shaped by the questions and reflections of the group. The session ends with an encouragement to carry on exploring the theme of the evening throughout the rest of the week in our normal and everyday lives. Sometimes group members will be encouraged to do something practical. The session ends each evening with a prayer. And all of this will be organized around puddings!!

If you have a person of peace that you would like to bring along, or if you want to develop holy habits that develop your own discipleship and faith please contact the office so that we have a handle on numbers for pudding.



25th January 2015

Congregational Discernment
Last Saturday 41 of us met to enjoy bacon baps before getting down to some work.  Phil and Maureen walked us through a timeline from the activities of year one (our time line on a roll of wallpaper, surveys amongst ourselves and around the community etc.) so we could say “we are here now” as our starting point.... up to year 3 when we met in small groups to imagine where would be in a few years’ time, which formed the basis for our activities last Saturday.  
We split into four groups to review the imagining that had been done in the light of two questions,
Who is God calling us to be? and
What might we need to do to move us there?  
We also added examples of where we had seen God already acting in these ways.
All the sheets we filled with post its with our thoughts on are now being collated and will be presented to the PCC, so they can discern priorities amongst all that God is calling us to be and what we might need to do to develop ourselves in that direction.  The Steering Team will then draft a short document relating to the “to be” side and the “to do to become that” side.
The plan is to have these in the hands of the PCC and ready for our annual meeting.  We as a congregation led by our PCC will then turn to discerning our priorities for the next three years and planning how to achieve them. Many thanks to those who hosted us on Saturday and for the participation and contributions of all who came.  
Please take advantage of the opportunities that will come our way to contribute further or add your own thoughts to the process if you were unable to be with us last Saturday.

Baptism Preparation
Five families gathered with us on Sunday afternoon to start preparing for their children's baptism. We had a great time sharing stories of how we'd got to this point and what we wanted in baptism. Pray for these children and their parents that God would be really at work in their homes and hearts at this time. If you would be interested in helping in this important ministry to young family, please see Maureen or Phil.

Monday night statistics for mission
Each year we have to report our church statistic figures to the diocese and wider Church of England.  These include how many funerals, baptism & weddings are taken as well as our church attendance figures at various services and events throughout the year. We are encouraged by the figures and wanted to share with you that our average weekly attendance, across our services each Sunday, last year was 90 adults and 19 youth & children. We thank God for the new folk that have been added to our number and we pray that as we commit to meeting together, coupled with new folk joining us, these figures would rise and rise and rise, and reflect an abundance of harvest and the activity of God in our wider community. A figure you might like to note alongside our average Sunday attendance is that our worshipping community in total numbers 165 adults and 54 youth & children.



1st February 2015

Steering team – shaping the process
The material generated by the congregational discernment gathering on the 17th was so rich the steering team have had to meet twice to work out how to present it to the PCC!!! We are working towards creating two short documents that will help the PCC set direction over the next 3 years. One is a vocational statement- who we understand God calling us as a church to be for this current season that his pans and purposes for us might be advanced, and the second document which is a plan for embodiment begins to describe the kind of things we need to be doing in order to realise that future. We have settled on a process which we believe will enable our PCC to discern and identify key threads and motifs, which will subsequently enable them to set priorities for us as a church over the next three years. Do pray now for our PCC as they prayerful look at the material that you as a congregation have generated and discerned.


8th February 2015

Small Group Leaders 

Monday night small group leaders met together to support and encourage each other, and to reflect on the role of small groups in cementing the church together and how they might connect with the whole church family. Looking to the future we discussed how together we might share in the development of small group ministry, and prayed for one another’s groups, and found out about the new pilgrim group and what from the model of the pilgrim group might be developed within our existing small groups. Do pray for our small group leaders as they gather folk together.

Church leaders meeting over coffee.

Phil got together with Andy Copsey, Pastor of the Christian center southern campus that is now meeting in Beckett school. We shared together hearts and passions and shared what’s going on in both churches, and it was just great to know that there are others as well as us with a passion to see God’s kingdom advance in this area. Do pray for the Christian centre church running out of Beckett that they would see people coming to faith in one another’s homes as they share the gospel with friends and those around them.

PCC with PMC

PCC met on Tuesday and Wednesday night to receive the work done by the congregation on the 17th January on discerning Gods calling to us as a church. The PCC worked really hard and in a prayerful space, with what are now becoming familiar spiritual practices of dwelling in the word, and discernment, have started to discover a real sense of God’s calling for us as a church, seeing God leading us into a relational ministry and way of life. We didn’t get as much done as we had hoped, but the energy and enthusiasm for discerning God means that we will meet again to further that work. As the PCC do this the steering team will help to shape the PCC’s discernment into something that we can all receive and engage with. A little more hard work to go, but a sense of God’s direction and call to us is certainly beginning to emerge. Pray for the PCC as they undertake this work on our behalf.


15th February 2015

This Sunday morning – When Life Begins!
Today is the day of the Lord’s favour. How often we look for a brighter day tomorrow and perhaps miss what God is doing now. Lent is often seen as a retreat from life, a travelling into the wilderness away from the mountain top experiences. Yet it is often in retreating that we discover fresh joy. It is often in drilling downwards that we discover that which propels us upwards. Will we wait for life to begin on some future horizon, or can we find the God of new beginnings in our very present moment? Join us on Sunday as we celebrate the very real presence of God in every moment.

Ash Wednesday Service
We gathered on Wednesday for a quiet communion service to mark the beginning of Lent. This included an opportunity to have an ash cross on our foreheads as a sign of repentance. Lent is a time to consider our own mortality "Remember you are but dust and to dust you will return" and to make the right choices "Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ". It was good to gather to consider how we might "we may grow in grace and learn to be your people once again."



8th March 2015

image140 Acts of kindness

A year or so ago the youth group joined in on 40 acts of kindness. We thoroughly

enjoyed it, and it challenged our thinking about how a random act of kindness could

change a persons day/ life.

This year, I would like to offer this resource- www.40acts.org.uk. Available on

Facebook, Twitter and email.  I have signed my family up, as they have resources
 for individuals , families and churches. Give it a go, challenge yourself to take something

up- rather than give up for Lent. Or do both, and use the time or resources from what
you have given up to bless others. Above all, enjoy the challenge, and see God at work

through you in others! Awesome. 

Thanks Mandy Marsh Pastoral Team Leader


Searchlight Theatre Tour – with speaker & author Jeff Lucas

We have an opportunity to host a Searchlight theatre production on Wednesday 18th November.  In order for this to happen we need to arrange accommodation on the evening of the 18th for 4 of the cast/crew and provide meals on the day itself for up to 6 folk.  If you would definitely be willing to host for the night please do let Sue know in the church office.



15th March 2015

PMC Cluster Recent meetings with the Steering Team

Last weekend a few of us provided hospitality to the Leaders of the Churches partnering with us in discerning the promised and preferred futures God has in store for each of our Parishes on the Friday before a group of us spent the Saturday in St Paul’s along with similar groups from the other Parishes sharing what we have all been up to since out last event in November and addressing some issues we had selected to help us on our journeys.

We also took the opportunity as a group at the end of the day to prepare a plan of action to complete the documents we have been thinking about as a congregation regarding the twin aspects of “being” and “doing”.  Hard work but rewarding, particularly in listening to the stories of our partners and being joined for much of the morning by a lady from another Diocese who is about to start up a partnership like the one in our Diocese for her Bishop.  She not only took away copies of our material but was encouraged by what we shared with her about our experiences / learning regarding pmc over the last few years.

We gathered again on Tuesday to complete our work on the draft “vision” or “being” document for the PCC arising from our congregational discernments over the last few months and the work undertaken by the PCC in bringing it together.  The PCC will meet again on the 17 March but before then they will be cogitating on the document we have prepared, together with all the discernment that has led up to it, so they can present the finished article along with the story of how we have got to this point and outline what comes next at our Annual Meeting.   

Please may we all pray for the PCC as they prepare for their meeting on the 17th, plan for the presentation to our Annual Meeting and seek to discern God’s calling amidst it all.

Peter Cheslett



22nd March 2015

YEEPIE Afternoon

Once again many many thanks to all who helped make yesterday afternoon such an enjoyable occasion. As always these events are team efforts and would not be possible without so much willing cooperation from  many people each happily contributing their particular gifts, whether those gifts be the up-front ones of entertaining or speaking or the less obvious, but equally necessary ones, of giving lifts to others, helping folks from car into hall, setting up and clearing away, making and serving refreshments and most important of all what you all do to extend warmth and friendliness to all our guests.

So thanks again and may God Bless you all. Margaret Kidger


Our beloved PCC met this week to review our vocational mission statement  “Sharing Life; With Christ, With one another, and with our communities” and to begin to consider how they can be sharing this sense of vocation with our congregation as we begin to set priorities that will enable us to develop this sense of sharing life with one another, with Christ and with those around us.

The PCC and steering team have worked hard at handling your reflections from the congregation discernment exercises that you have been involved with, and this vocational statement that has emerged, alongside other pictures of how we sense God is calling and sending will shape our life together for the next two to three years. The challenge for all of us is how we invest ourselves in the pursuing this sense of Call.

Do pray for our PCC as they consider how to share the exploration of this sense of call with you all as a congregation.



29th March 2015

Sunday Nights – Leadership Conference At Home

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-l4Cpsuegkaw/UgrcJQafEyI/AAAAAAAABpQ/uItPv_dWrSc/s1600/GLS.pngLead Where you Are,


Challenging the extrovert ideal!


During lent we are running a series of evenings looking at some leadership development material from the Global Leadership Summit Conference.  The week we are gathering Sunday evenings at 6:30, starting with a time of worship, and then our speaker this week is a lady called Susan Cain, who is going to encourage the introverts amongst us, and give us some ideas about how we can enable the flourishing of those who are perhaps not as extrovert as one or two others we are all too aware of!!!! Come and join us reflect and think together about the skills and gifts the introvert brings to the table. We will end with time to reflect and discuss together before closing with worship and prayer at about 8:30.  


Reflections over Lent

Our lenten reflections this year are based on "Not by Bread alone", which we have made available in church, but which are also available here: www.eden.co.uk/shop/not-by-bread-alone-4306843.html  Each day we are posting a reflection  thread with links to the bible readings and a brief reflection, which provides us with a starter for ten for discussion, which you can join by replying to any of the posts. Head to http://stwilfs.freeforums.net/ where you will be invited to register so that you can start or join in with the conversation.


Maureen’s Placement Blog

Last Sunday I preached at 9.15, led & presided at Communion at 11am, and preached at BCP at 6pm, with baptism prep at St Wilfs in the afternoon!

During the week I've been doing preparation and planning for Easter week, including a messy church style family craft event this Saturday, and 'Experience Easter' for the school next week.

I've done two school assemblies, as well as toddlers and school club. I've had opportunity to reflect on the whole experience with my supervisor, and talk to other congregation members. I attended another churches APCM (the vicar has 6 parishes, so 6 PCCs, and 6 annual meetings). This church is considering its future because there are only 8 on the electoral roll, and it's a good turnout if they have 5 at a service.

On Saturday I will be at a fundraising event in the morning. St Giles parish church is 800 years old, and they are trying to raise £80 thousand for repairs and updating...they've already got over £50 thousand!

(http://www.wivertongroup.co.uk/?page_id=45) In the afternoon I will be doing crafts for Easter (right up my street!) in Langar church.

On Sunday the churches have a group service for Palm Sunday, which involves processing from the pub car park to the church with a donkey (called Sally!) I'm looking forward to that!

I've got to the stage now where I'm really looking forward to coming home to St Wilfs. Being away has made me appreciate even more how wonderful you are, how full of life and life-giving our services are, and actually how all our services are pretty well attended. 

So thank God for what you have being part of this wonderful church and community, and keep those numbers up by making 'being there and sharing life' a priority! See you soon (after Easter Sunday), Maureen x



19th April  2015

Election candidates for Rushcliffe gather at Emmanuel

28th April, 12-2pm, Emmanuel School.  Working in partnership with Emmanuel school, Churches together West Bridgeford and Nottingham Citizens, we are running an event as community leaders engaging some of the sixth formers to use their votes; and also, having discussed the issues that are important to them, hearing the Rushcliffe candidates for the general election, including Kenneth Clarke respond to the top two or three issues that emerge from the floor. 

If anyone who has an interest in political/social action/justice etc, you are welcome to join Phil at this event as a parish representative, please speak to Phil if you would like to be involved with this event.

Pharoah to Freedom

The performances at West Bridgford Baptist Church last Friday and Saturday evenings were a great success, helping us to think about how God has been faithful in bringing his people to freedom - first from slavery to Pharoah, remembered by Jewish families in the Passover, then through Jesus we are freed from the power of sin and into freedom in Christ, remembered in Holy Communion.
Sean was Aaron, Andrew Stewart was Jesus, and Maureen had a bit part as a vicar!

Jae and Neil did a fantastic, creative job of producing the whole show - working in collaboration with many other churches in West Bridgford. We were reminded that "there's only one church in the West Bridgford area - the church of Jesus Christ". 



5th May 2015


Last Sunday after church we held our vestry meeting and our APCM …. (Or AGM if that makes more sense). Wendy and Rose have agreed to stay on as wardens for another year, and we are thankful for Anne Mason, Neil Marriott, Karen Phillips, Ian Baker, and Melissa Baker, all of whom are stepping down from PCC this year. Gary Willis, and Lindsey Barnes have agreed to join our PCC, and so thanks to them and the existing members of PCC as well for their willingness to serve. We do still have two spaces available on our PCC, so if you are interested please speak to Phil.



10th May 2015

Safe Families for Children

“Just as the yeast is useless when it remains apart from the dough, so is the church when it remains separate from its community”. Mike Chesterton on Sunday challenged us to think about how we engage with our communities as ‘yeast’, as he shared with us the ministry of “Safe families for Children”. You can find our more by listening to his sermon/presentation using this link http://1drv.ms/1PlM36f  , view the power point here http://1drv.ms/1ES0eND or watch the short video here: http://1drv.ms/1Ij8j1X . This ministry really resonates with our mission statement, of sharing Life, with Jesus Christ, with one another and with our communities. 12 people have signed up to find out more and an information evening is going to be held in a few weeks’ time. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about dates for this please contact the office at Wilfordchurch@outlook.com


Headteacher appointment at Emmanuel
Following a long and rigorous process, a new headteacher has been appointed at Emmanuel to start next September following Carol Fearria’s retirement. I can now confirm that Derek Hobbs currently at Bluecoat Beechdale Academy has accepted the post and this has been endorsed by the governing body. He is delighted - and is excited at the prospect of getting to know the whole Emmanuel Community, and I commend him to your prayers. Pray also for Carol and her senior team as they work to put transition and hand over plans in place over the rest of this term, and of course for Carol and her husband Alan as she approaches the end of her significant time at Emmanuel.







17th May 2015

Worship Team   

On Friday a good number of our worship team (and some others) went to hear Mike Sandeman talk about why we worship, looking at the progression of worship all through the Bible. On the Saturday we listened to other worship groups, and Mike's advice to them before 'performing' our own set of songs and listening to his comments. He was very positive and made some useful suggestions. As our group led, there was a real sense of worship, and many joined in singing - which was great, because leading people in worship is what it is all about!


Archdeacon’s visitation

Always strikes me as an odd title as nine times out of ten we go somewhere else for it!!! This year we are travelling to Southwell on Monday evening, and is basically where all the wardens in the diocese are ‘sworn in’ and commissioned by the archdeacon. Do pray for Rose and Wendy as they stand as our wardens for another year.



24th May 2015

Course for the Mature in Age starting this week

We are planning to hold a short course (4 meetings) entitled ‘We are here now: How can we Share Life?’ In this course we shall: share our experiences, both positive and negative, of ageing; consider how we can help one another by sharing life with each other; think about how younger folk can help us and how we can help them and in all of this how trusting Jesus helps. Course starts Thursday 28th May 10.45 for 11 am at 16 The Hollows Silverdale.

Please contact Margaret Kidger (Tel 981 6159) to let her know you will be there.

Open Deanery Synod on Mental Health
Wednesday 3 June, 7.30pm at St Luke's Gamston

One in three adults and one in ten children you know will have mental health problems at some stage.  This can include dementia, depression and anxiety.  Surveys show that for sufferers, the attitudes of others are as hard to cope with as the symptoms.  Fear and misunderstanding among those not affected is widespread.  So how can we help our churches to understand mental health issues so they can support others?  The answer turns out to be quite straightforward....come and hear how simply having a conversation can be life changing.
Dr Michele Hampson, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair of Opening Minds will lead the session.  Everyone welcome with refreshments from 7pm.  Please call Debbie Keown at the deanery office on 07722 644462 or email her on debbie@stgilesparish for more information.



31st May 2015

Pilgrim Group 2….Starting soon!  NEW SECOND group STARTING JUNE 4th
Several people have already joined up in a new course. This will also happen on a Thursday evening 7.30-9.30pm, starting after half term. If you'd like to explore Christian faith in a relaxed, informal way, or have friends you'd like to bring along please let Phil or Maureen know.



7th june

New Newssheet

We’ve taken advantage of a quiet half term to draft a new version of the news-sheets prayer list. Challenged by our vocational mission statement of “Sharing life, with Jesus, with one another, with our communities”, we are going to experiment with a weekly focus for our prayers, directing our prayers not only for individuals, but also ministry teams, small groups, and groups and individuals working within our wider community. Previously our news-sheet has contained a list of people needing prayer that remains constant from week to week. In the future we will still ensure that we are praying for people, but each week we will focus our prayers for a different group of individuals or families.

If you or family members are facing particular things that you would value prayer for, then please do let the office know, and we will include you in our focus for our prayers.



14th June

Partnership for missional church cluster 12… a formal end?

Over the last four years we have been exploring how we develop our Churches missional culture. Our steering team for this has met with a number of churches from Leicester and Southwell diocese, three or four times a year. Last weekend we attended the 12th of these ‘Cluster’ events, which marked the formal end of these gatherings. We now continue to explore those missional practices which impact our own personal sense of discipleship and mission as individuals and as a church, beyond the support of what have proved to be very helpful learning environments for our delivery team. We are thankful for those who have invested so much in us and now look forward to seeing how God will continue to shape us as a church and as a parish in the time that lies ahead of us.


Huddle & PMC Steering team… Learning to discern together

Though the formal cluster events have finished, we are still continuing to develop our sense of God’s leading to us. Monday night we combined our huddle leadership team, with our Missional steering team, to look at how we might best enable the PCC at their next meeting (7th July) to exercise discernment on priorities for us as a parish for the next three years. We have our vocation statement, and we have a sense of a vision for the future, and what we want our PCC to do is to discern the things God is leading us to focus on over the next three years to help us embody more fully that which God is calling us to. The leadership teams working together, that the best approach would be for members of the team and the PCC to begin having conversations together, outside of our meeting, to share their hearts and listen to each others understanding of where we are headed.  This is an act of spiritual discernment, and my joy in it is that we are learning how to do that outside of meetings!!!


Partnership for Missional church Diffuses…

Monday Phil attended an event at St John’s College with representatives from four diocese, Durham, Oxford, Leicester and Southwell, all of whom are now exploring the use of partnership for missional church with clusters of churches in their dioceses. Oxford and Durham are just beginning, whilst Leicester and Southwell are about to launch their third cluster. Phil has been asked to be involved in the delivery team for this third cluster and this should be a blessing to us as a parish as it enriches his own understanding of how to lead spiritual practices that enable congregations to explore their own discipleship in mission. It is also encouraging to note how these practices are beginning to take on a more national flavour than merely local.



21st June

Thursday Communion runs out of chairs!!
Every third Thursday of the month, 10am, church office, you are welcome to join us!!! We ran out of chairs this week!!! We reflected together on the Lord’s prayer and considered amongst other things, our Father’s desire to bless us with our daily bread. Maureen shared some of that which former archbishop Rowan Williams shared with on our study last week. If you’d like to listen to Rowan William’s thoughts on prayer, which is well worth a listen, click here:  http://southwell.anglican.org/rowan-reflects-on-prayer-at-bishops-study-day/



28th June

Chaplaincy Weekend Emmanuel School

Last weekend 24 staff from Emmanuel school went away to share together in prayerful planning of strategic priorities for chaplaincy at Emmanuel next year. Now how many schools do you think that happens in? Give thanks in your prayers for the staff at Emmanuel who work so tirelessly for the children and. Pray too for Heidi Shewell Cooper our chair of governors, and Pete Brown who serves on the governing body as well. At the chaplaincy weekend we looked at how we might engage boys with exploring journeys of faith, and how we might explore more ways in which students are given opportunity to express their faith through acts of service. I love being a part of a school where so much priority is given not only to securing the best in education, but also so much space is given to the pursuit of enabling all students of all faiths and none to explore this important facet of life!!

Celebrating the elderly
On Monday (22 June) about thirty of our older people (plus a few slightly younger ones) attended ‘A Celebration of Older People’ a diocesan service at Southwell Minster. People from various parts of the Diocese took part in the service, including June Turner who led the prayers. Our preacher, Paul Howard, emphasised that we were never too old to respond to the call of God to serve him and challenged us to invite others into our church so that they too may discover God’s love through the warmth and compassion of Christians.
We all enjoyed the whole day: our safe journeys, our picnic lunch on arrival in the Minster, free time in which to stroll around Southwell or simply sit in the Minster and reflect, and finally the tea and cake provided for us after the service by the Diocesan staff. Thanks to all who helped to make this such a memorable day.  Margaret Kidger




5th July 2015

Bishops Inauguration last Saturday


In his Inauguration sermon Bishop Paul said: “Jesus lived the most generous, compassionate and hopeful life our world has ever known, which is why I will work tirelessly for a church that’s celebrated not only for its abundant growth in numbers but for the way it displays the generosity, compassion and hope of God, without any limits, in its life and mission.” To find out more....

Click here for a full report on the service.

Click here for the Bishop's sermon. Click here for pictures.

Chennai Orientation Day

In September Maureen will be spending 2 weeks in India, learning about how the church there operates, and working in a parish. The trip is organized for curates by the Diocese, and this trip is run by CMS (Church Mission Society), so on Monday they met in Southwell to hear some more information about this exciting venture.




12th July 2015

 (Not Too Old To) Today we celebrated with coffee/tea and cake, not just because we had completed our short course ‘We are here now: How can we share life’ but we celebrated the 90th birthday of our hostess Lilian Howitt. Congratulations Lilian! We all agreed that we had benefited from the opportunity this course gave us to get together and open up with each other and express our opinion on the subjects discussed and explore new ideas. We are hoping to meet again in the autumn and perhaps have a go at the Pilgrim Course on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. But we would like others to join us.

Margaret Kidger


Wardens & Fish and Chips!

Wardens team met this week and organised or reviewed; repairs to the boilers, the chasing of some old insurance claims, risk assessments, lightening conductor refinements, pat testing, an electrical inspection, health and safety, working days, bells, ladders and stays, a new ashes plot and a service of blessing, work parties, faculties, church yard maintenance, hall management, subwardens, renting space in the dovecot, cruets, bibles, cleaning and a service of welcome for the new head of Emmanuel Derek Hobbs!!! They cover a lot of ground our wardens!! If you’d like to help out a really practical way you could do this is by joining in with the work party on the 24th July!




19th July 2015

Last Sunday evening – Church Vision or AGM part 2

Some of our congregation gathering to explore our vocation statement.
We gathered as congregation to consider the priorities that have been discerned by our PCC, following on from all the work we have all been involved in seeking to discern what God is calling us to be and do in this season of the churches life. We already have our statement at the top of the page: we believe God is calling us to BE a people who SHARE LIFE (with Jesus, each other & our communities). So how are we going to be intentional about that? The PCC has now determined a focus for us for each of the next three years.

The first year, starting now is : Developing & deepening our relationships.
As church family we need to consider how this focus and our mission statement will affect how we do… everything!
What will this mean for each group or ministry in church that you are part of?

What will this mean for you personally
when you are in church?
when you are in your groups?
when you are in the non-church groups you are part of?
when you are at work?
when you meet your neighbours in your area?
We’ll be gathering folk together in September/October to help you, your groups and minsitries to explore this further for yourselves.
Buckle up. Lets see where God takes us!




26th July  2015

This Sunday… Be Attitudes

This Sunday we start our new summer sermon series,         Be-Attitudes. Beginning with the Beatitudes, we are going to look at some of the internal attitudes that God calls us to as we seek to follow him, and hope to also draw on Disney

Pixar’s new film , released this week, ‘Inside out’, a story of a

little girl, Riley, who  is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, and how her internal emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school. How might we cultivate an internal set of attitudes that help us to navigate through life?



2nd August 2015

YEEPIE ‘Holiday at Home Day’
 Tuesday was our YEEPIE ‘Holiday at Home Day’, and it was a great day, thanks to our wonderful team of helpers (whose ages range from teens to nineties!). Activities included card and book-mark making, tile painting, encaustic art, woolcraft, boccia and bingo. We also enjoyed a sing-song, led by Neil and Jae Marriott, a fish and chip lunch and a short act of worship to close. Over fifty older people took part. It was a great opportunity to share life together, which we believe God is calling us all to do. The day included plenty of opportunities just to relax in each other’s company. This is so important for the many older people who live alone and they were encouraged to meet up informally over the summer period when regular activities, like luncheon club, don’t happen.
Margaret Kidger



9th August 2015

Summer Reading…

In thinking about how we cultivate the kind of attitudes we are exploring over the summer, we have reflected that it is an ongoing work of God’s Holy Spirit. However, principally, we grow in the things of God, when we engage with him, especially in the person of his son Jesus Christ, or in the word of God itself, so here are a few book suggestions for your summer reading.


Click on the picture or here to view the books in more detail.


Philip Yancy’s ‘What’s so amazing about grace is a classic on the topic of forgiveness, and John Ortberg’s new book ‘Soul keeping’ promises to attend to our innards, just as our summer series Be-Attitudes is encouraging. Alternately Tom Wright’s ‘for everyone’ series and Paula Gooda et al’s ‘Journeying with’ helps you to delve more fully into a book of scripture, which could help you to dwell in the living breathing word of God.

Last weekend’s Riverside festival  

Last Sunday afternoon Margaret and Michael Kidger spent a bit of time being part of the team at the diocesan stand at the Riverside Festival.  This was just a gentle opportunity to engage in conversation with anyone who showed interest – which quite a few people did.  It was great to see literally thousands of people, mostly in family groups, enjoying a fine afternoon and to reflect that we are blest to have a society in which this kind of event can happen.  We have freedom, family values still mean a lot and most people are friendly to others.  Praise God!  Michel & Margaret Kidger



16th August 2015

Parker’s family funday 23rd at the ferry! 12-5pm

In Addition to our picnic on the green after church on the 23rd, the ferry is also hosting a funday, with a vintage theme, raising money for the Mouth and Throat Cancer unit at the QMC Nottingham, with a vintage fair and sounds of the sixties. Why not make a day of it? Come to church for our Disney Pixar Inside out Beattitudes family service, stay for the picnic, and then head on down to the Ferry for the afternoon.










23rd August 2015

Inside out Cinema trip.

 As our Sunday services are drawing on the fun of Disney Pixar’s inside out, we are looking to book the Savoy Cinema, Saturday the 29th August for a 12 o clock showing, for a St Wilfrid’s special screening!! Tickets will work out at no more than £4 a head. If you are interested in coming we need to know by Tuesday 18th August, so that we can make the booking. Please let mandymarshclan@btinternet.com or lindsey.barnes@ntlworld.com know!

 Only a few places left – speak  to Lindsey or Mandy soon!





30th August 2015

Last Sunday our Be-Attitude = Be Generous 

Last Sunday we thought about things that disgust us! These included brussel sprouts, spiders and 'manure'. However we realised that all these things do have some good points too. Sometimes people are disgusted towards other people - because they don't seem as nice or have the same nice things, but God calls us to be meek in our attitude to ourselves, and generous in our attitude towards others. Each of us is special to our generous God, so we should be generous to others.

This Sunday… Be-Comforted & Be a Comforter

We will meet Disney Pixar’s Sadness this week, but rejoice in the God who comforts us even in our saddest times. As we receive comfort from God, we can share comfort with others in their times of need. As God's family, we share life together in real and deep relationships where we can both give and receive comfort from each other.




5th September 2015

Community End of Summer BBQ

It was fantastic to work in partnership with our local community group to host a community BBQ, great fun was had by all, but for us the most pleasing thing was the joy of working with others in our community, and it gave rise to a number of conversations about other stuff we do together in the future!! Many thanks to all who so effortlessly helped with setting up tables and gazebos and all the packing away. It was great to see people so willing to take responsibility for making the event happen so smoothly on the day. Nice one everyone!!




13th September 2015

Maureen’s Indian Adventure
Along with 7 other curates, I will travel to Chennai (formally Madras) in Southern India to experience of how the church runs in another country/continent. This is a fantastic and rather scary opportunity. I’m delighted and privileged to be going, but quite nervous too!
We will spend the first few days at the CSI (no, not crime scenes – the Church of South India!) centre in Chennai for orientation & briefing. Then, in pairs, we spend just over a week (including 2 Sundays) in a rural parish, living with people from the church, and sharing life with them. We finish back as the CSI centre.
Please pray for safe travel, good health, and good relationships with the people we meet – so that we can receive blessings and wisdom from them, and also be a blessing to them.
See you in October! Maureen x



20th September 2015

Prayer Spaces in South Wilford

On Monday the pupils of South Wilford Primary School experienced a prayer spaces day. Eight interactive prayer spaces were set up in the school hall and prayer corner. All pupils in school years 1 to 6 had the opportunity to participate in prayer and reflection, each choosing which space they wanted to use. The prayer spaces encouraged pupils to engage in prayers of: thankfulness, asking God big questions, encouraging others, hope, worry, friends and family, saying sorry and prayers for God's amazing world. It was a blessing to see so many children exploring and responding to prayer. A special thanks should go to Jill and Maureen for organising the event as well as to the volunteers who helped set up and man the prayer spaces. It was great to have parents from Trent Vineyard and St Wilfrid’s sharing together in partnership in leading the children at each prayer station.
To read more about the day go to http://southwell.anglican.org/being-with-god-at-south-wilford-school/

Huddle meets with Nick!

Huddle met on Monday night and welcomed Nick Ladd who is director of pastoral studies at St John’s college. Nick is planning on undertaking a doctorate in the near future and has asked if we as a church will help him with his studies. Nick wants to accompany us as a church for the next twelve or eighteen months and explore with us the story of how we are growing spiritually as a Christian congregation. With an interest in what Christian maturity looks like. Nick wants to journey with us as he explores what some of the practices are that we have found lead to that kind of spiritual growth. Huddle felt that Nick joining us would be really helpful as his exploration of this theme would enrich and enable our own understanding and experience in this area to grow as well. PCC will take huddles recommendation on board in a couple of weeks time to make a more formal decision for us as a congregation.



27th September 2015

Parish steering team – making things accessible

boot Over the last couple of years we have discerned a sense of God’s calling and direction for us as a church at this time in this place. To Share life, with Jesus Christ, with one another, and with our communities. PCC have discerned for us a focus for the year of deepening our relationships. Behind all this is a whole lot of thought and prayer and understanding and the challenge now is how to share that in a format that is accessible to everyone in the church and to new people as they join us, (for they surely are). The steering team are planning on getting a group together who can help us frame and write the story and thinking behind our sense of vocation and mission as a church. If you’re the kind of person who is good a asking questions and helping to clarify and simplify other people’s ideas, or you’d like to be involved in that process, please speak to Peter Cheslett or drop him an email at  pandi.cheslett@ntlworld.com .


OFSTED @ Emmanuel

 Ofsted visited Emmanuel this week for a section 8 inspection, interested in the safety and well-being of students in the school, and finished their inspection by declaring the safeguarding at Emmanuel school is effective and found that students felt safe and well cared for. Particularly pleasing was the link students had made to Ofsted inspectors between faith and the way in which everyone felt valued and cared for. As a church, Phil wrote on our behalf to encourage the staff and assure them of our prayers, and took in fruit chocolate and cake for every member of staff to encourage them as our partners in the gospel!

Well-being Café and Churches Together Celebration

  It was really encouraging to meet Wednesday night and to share together and celebrate all that God is doing in our different churches around West Bridgford. We had a member of the community mental health team come and share with us their experience of partnering with New Life Baptist church in a shared project to open up a community space to provide a wellbeing café. It’s called renew37 and can be found next to Tiffin’s in West Bridgford . It runs a variety of activities based around the "5 ways to wellbeing' which promote good mental and emotional health. To connect, give, be active, keep learning and take notice will hopefully contribute towards a preventative approach to mental ill health.  Pop in Mondays to Thursdays 9-12 or 3.30-6pm. Find us at 37 Abbey Road , West Bridgford , NG2 5NG




5th October

Introducing our Mental health team

Last Sunday we also introduced you to our mental health team, led by Debbie Ballantine and Wendy Brown who are our Mental Health awareness Guides. This team has been exploring the issues of mental health and how we as a church can engage with them and become a ‘mental health friendly church’. Each of them has really responded to a sense of call as God has laid this area of church lives on their heart’s and we honoured them for so obediently stepping into the call God has placed upon each of them and prayed for them as they officially take up these roles within the life of our congregation. Do continue to pray for them and chat with Debbie or Wendy if you would like to know more. (The whole team aren’t in the picture, so we’ll try and get another snap of them all together!)


This Sunday…

 As we’ve been thinking about the importance of deepening our Chistian friendships, we have yet to consider how we might go about that. Join us for communion this week as we briefly consider some of the ways we can go about cultivating those relationships, perhaps drawing on the experience of communion itself, where we actively move towards the other in order to receive from them. Jesus commands us as his disciples, to love one another, but what exactly, might that look like?


11th October

PCC update on Finance

PCC were asked by the Deanery Leadership team to give some input into the consultation process regarding the allocation of parish share, which we duly did. But we also began a discussion to examine our own approach to giving from our churches budget to parish share. As a Deanery we are falling short of the share asked of us by the Diocese. As the deanery leadership team explore how to allocate that shortfall, every parish in the deanery will face a rise in parish share of some degree or other. Currently our parish gives around £44-£48,000 in parish share to the Diocese to fund clergy posts. In truth our contribution is sufficient to cover a single post (stipend or living allowance (22k), housing costs and maintenance, pension, training and support structures). The idea of Parish share is that as an Anglican church we ensure ministry in every place, even those that couldn’t afford it on their own. That’s why parishes are often asked for more than their own ‘share’ of costs, to enable ministry elsewhere. Currently our giving to parish share will fall below what is asked of us. It is only right that PCC then discusses how we handle our budget and our giving to parish share. As you can imagine that conversation needs time alongside the work the deanery leadership team are doing to both allocate the deanery share, and to explore with the diocese the level of deanery share we are being asked for. Pray for our Deanery leadership team as they do this work with the diocese. Pray for our PCC and finance team as they lead the thinking in regard to our own budget, & pray for us as a church family that we might respond generously in our own thinking about our own giving.


PCC invite Nick Ladd to Join us…

PCC have also been asked if Nick Ladd, pastoral tutor at St John’s could join us as a congregation for a while. Nick is doing a study into how Christian maturity is formed and grown within a Christian community, and to explore it he wants to spend some time with a church and travel with them as they explore their discipleship and following of Christ together, and he wondered if we might be up for it. Huddle have already met with Nick, (who is known to a number of us through our engagement with PMC and St John’s college), and recommended Nicks proposal to the PCC, and PCC have agreed to welcome Nick and so will be inviting him to join us as a congregation, and we’ll fill in a little more detail in the weeks that follow.



18th October

Deanery Confirmation

It was great to join with Ray & James and others in our Deanery at East Leake Church, where 5 people were confirmed by Bishop Tony.

Thanks from Ray: Following my Confirmation at East Leake last Sunday, I would like to thank all of my friends who attended the ceremony, remembered the occasion with a card, offered their best wishes before the service, or simply thought good thoughts.  Special thanks to Phil and Maureen, who have loomed large in my spiritual journey so far, and to Bob Stanley and Eddie Mason for - probably unknowingly - being generally inspirational.  Sunday was a very special day for me, and I will remember it forever.  Sorry I won't be at church this week to thank you all personally.  



25th October

Last Sunday... Mental health

We had a great day last Sunday sharing together in all three of our services about raising awareness about our shared mental health.  The mental health team did a great job helping to plan the services, and Neil Marriott was involved in producing some of the materials for use throughout the diocese. It was encouraging to hear people being honest about their own state of mind and we are all encouraged to be open and vulnerable, and caring and supportive to one another within the body of Christ: God's family. We used the example of Jesus on the road to Emmaus, where he walks alongside two sad disciples, listens to them, and -when the time is right- opens the scriptures to them, and meets them in the sacrament of broken bread.

May we all be mindful of our own mental health, and be compassionate and caring to those suffering mental ill-health, walking patiently with them.



1st November

Keep your faith burning bright when all you want to do is burn out. Jeff Lucas & Searchlight Theatre Company November 18th
Don’t miss out! Tickets available through the church office. See below

 It wasn’t until I was asked to promote Jeff Lucas’ “Faith in the Fog” at Churches together west Bridgford that I realised how well the production fits with our concern for developing a helpful stance towards mental health and well-being.
“Keep your faith burning bright when all you want to do is burn out.” In Faith in the Fog, bestselling author Jeff Lucas explores the pain and fear that many Christians feel when walking through a spiritual fog, when doubts about faith undermine the joy of belief.
After the Resurrection—when the disciples found themselves on the fog bank of unresolved shame, failure, and confusion—what Jesus did to help them and what he didn’t do is both enlightening and inspirational. Here, you will focus on the person of Jesus and the way he approaches those who are worn out when life is tough.
Who Jesus really is—rather than the way we instinctively perceive him emotionally and theologically—is what will make the difference and help clear the fog. Through a broad approach, Faith in the Fog tackles the feelings of failure, uselessness, and shame, which are often the underlying causes of depression and burnout among Christians

Tickets available www.searchlighttheatre.org   Ticket prices are: £12 Concessions: £10 Tickets are available through the church office. To book tickets please send money & number of tickets required to the church office or hand to Mandy Marsh. We will then arrange for the tickets to be sent to you.

Not long to go now, we are asking for volunteers to help out on the afternoon & evening of the performance. Please consider if you can help with welcoming the team as they set up, manning the box office (3 folk needed) and helping with refreshments.  Please let the church office know if you can help!


6th November 2015

All are invited....

Over the last three years we have been led, by God and as a congregation to a sense of call that God has given us as a church, and  that we are going to be pursuing  for the next two to three years. That sense of vocation is summed up in what we are calling our vocation statement.

Sharing life,

with Jesus Christ, with One-another, and with our Communities.


In order to help everyone to engage with and explore this for themselves  we are holding several gatherings over the next few months.

For us to pursue this sense of call, our PCC has set us the challenge for this year of deepening relationships, and  these gatherings will help the whole church to explore this. In particular they will  enable us all as individuals and as groups &  teams to discern for ourselves, together with others, what Deepening relationships might look like for us over the course of the coming year.

Gathering Small Groups

We will start on 23rd November with a gathering for our small groups ( the many and varied groups that meet in peoples’ homes on a regular basis).  An invitation has been issued to the Leaders of those we have identified but please let us or the church office know if you have not received one.  For more details on this gathering Click Here

Gathering Ministry teams

Because our ministry teams include many who are members of small groups as well, a separate gathering will be arranged for them in January so they too can meet as a team to explore what deepening our relationships might look like for them.

Gathering Individuals

Of course, not everyone is in a small group or ministry team, and so we will also be organising some gatherings for individuals to come together to explore this for ourselves.  Asking of ourselves - What must I become if I am to deepen my relationships and/or help my group to do so?  How can I help myself to move towards becoming what I wish to become?  and Where do I see God at work in all of this?


All are invited. As the dates are advertised, please join in and encourage each other on our journey.

If you have any questions please do email Peter pandi.cheslett@ntlworld.com



15th November 2015

Last Sunday – Remembrance of lives spent
The Call of Christ is to spend our lives in his service. His call to follow is crystal clear, to literally to walk with Him, to repent to turn away and toward a new life, to share life with Him, and those first disciples did. Completely. At Remembrance we honour those who have given of themselves completely in service of their country. With the help of local history, we considered how ordinary these men were, living in our streets, in some cases our houses, with families like ours, with jobs like ours and some with faith like ours. We cannot consider the giving of themselves without considering the giving of ourselves. For what are we spending our lives? The call to serve the promised Kingdom of God is too big a deal to leave in the background or to put off until tomorrow. It isn’t a bolt on extra to which we give ourselves occasionally or if circumstances suit. It is the whole and complete giving of ourselves to his service. We had no baptism last Sunday, but if there were we would have said the words fight valiantly as a disciple of Christ…

Grateful for sacrifice & for peace won, but let us also consider the God who calls us to spend ourselves in seeing His kingdom come…and what that commitment of ourselves might look like in the here and now.

Jonathan, Maureen and Phil, joined in with our local community group, Iremongers pond association and other volunteers from Rainbows hospice, Emmanuel school, and Carlton college to help make the fireworks display a great success for the village and raise funds for the Rainbows children’s hospice. A massive thanks to all in our community who give themselves to this project. Put the date in your diary for next year folks (it will either be the 3rd or 10th of November) as it will be great if more of us were able to support and bless our partners in the community as we seek to affirm the great work they do.



22nd November 2015

Shoe Boxes ready to be collected

Thank you to everyone who filled and returned a shoe box.  Maureen’s car was packed full. We delivered 130 boxes to South Wilford School to be collected together their boxes by the Operation Christmas Child Team.

Deanery Synod

Deanery Synod met on Tuesday evening to vote on how parish share would be allocated within the deanery, so that we as a deanery can meet 100% of that which the diocese is asking. A formula for sharing the responsibility for parish share has been agreed upon that gives equal weighting to the numbers of clergy in a parish, the size of congregation, and the income of each congregation. Deanery Synod also voted to factor in support for Clifton Parish. The meeting also agreed that more work needed to be done in discussing with the Diocese the size of the overall amount be asked of by the diocese. In the next few days we expect to receive a revised amount of parish share requested of us, and once those figures are in we will be able to consider our budget as a church for next year. Pray for our PCC and finance team as they set about this important work in the life of the parish, and a big THANKYOU to all of you who give so generously to the work of ministry and mission in the parish and Diocese.


23rd November 2015

Within the overarching mission of God, of seeing his kingdom come and seeing people come to faith in Christ Jesus, we have been seeking to discern what God is asking of us in the here and now. What would God have his church in Wilford focus on today that will move us towards seeing these two things increase.

In doing that we have discerned our ‘vocation statement’ of; Sharing Life, with Jesus Christ, With One another and with our Communities. This gives us a sense of focus for the next two or three years, and seems to be a call towards investing in our relationships.

However. This is quite broad. So we have involved our PCC in exploring the congregations discernment of the last three years, and asked them to prayerfully discern and give us a focus for each year. The practical focus and drive for this academic year is “deepening relationships”.

Now we want to take that further again. On its own, this is still quite a broad focus, so we want to focus in on it and ask more particularly what this might look like for each group or ministry, or even individual within the life of the church. What does “deepening relationships”  look like for us and how are we going to go about it?

We want to enable every member of the church family to engage with these questions, and to explore ways in which they personally might invest themselves in this endeavour of ‘deepening relationships’, obediently and faithfully responding to the sense of call and direction that God has laid upon us as a church for today.

To do this we are holding a series of gatherings over the next few months (read about those here), and for the first of these, we are gathering all of our small groups together on the monday evening, 23rd November.

Aim of the evening: to explore and plan

The aim of the evening on the 23rd November that we are inviting all small groups to be a part of then would be to enable each small group to;

a) make sense of how God might be calling them to “deepen relationships” and,

b) explore and discern ways  in which God might lead them to pursue this years focus of “deepening relationships”, for themselves.

We figured that a good way of enabling this exploration to occur would be by inviting small groups to consider these questions for themselves, and ultimately for each small group to develop a plan as to how they as a group, and as individuals are going to respond to and invest themselves in the years focus, alongside the rest of the church, of “deepening relationships”.

Benefits of exploring together

Of course there is nothing to stop a small group from exploring this challenge on their own, but we also wanted to gather small groups together as they explore this so that the group members might learn from each other’s plans, experiences, stories and journeys. After gathering small groups together to explore what their response to this focus might look like for them, I also hope to gather the groups together again, beyond this first event, to report back to one another, later in the new year, to tell each other what they have tried, what they have explored in terms of deepening relationships, and to share what they have discovered.

Of course the very act of gathering small groups together, to share, will hopefully also contribute towards our overall focus of deepening relationships.


So if you are in a small group... please come along! (Start time and venue to be confirmed)

If you are not in a small group don't worry we want to explore this with you as well, and more detail on how we are going to do that can be found by clicking here.

If anyone has any questions please do mail them in to revphilmarsh@outlook.com


To return to info about all the gatherings Click here.



29th November 2015


A group of us gathered to make chocolate Elf houses. Time was spent working in teams to create a house. Each person seemed to have a job to do, whether it was scraping the bowl or sticking sweets on. Some teams it took time to work collaboratively, whereas others gelled straight away.
After completion of the houses, they reflected on how they made a difference in the team. Or if they needed to change something to make a difference.
There was lots of fun, laughter and perseverance! Wendy Cranefield




6th December 2015

Travelling Nativity Sets....
...are well set on their journeys now, being welcomed into homes and groups of all ages within our community. Have a look at some pictures from their journey here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439206056269847.1073741879.137625169761272&type=1&l=b7edbaf28b
Please continue praying that these knitted dolls will be a means of spreading the true message of God's love at Christmas into our community. A couple of slots near Christmas still free if you'd like them.




21st december 2015

Admission of children to communion

Last Sunday also saw us admit Max, George, Darcy, Alice and Zak to communion after a number of weeks of preparation. If you would like to be baptised, admitted to communion, or confirmed, please speak to Phil or Maureen. Do continue to pray for these children and young people as they continue to explore faith and trust in the way of Christ with us all as we share life together

Decorating Church
Thank you to everyone in the part that you played in decorating the Church for Christmas, whether that was in the organisation and planning, to chopping off the right amount of trunk form the Christmas tree, or playing Christmas music!
It was a real blessing to see people sharing life, laughter and fun as we prepared the Church for Christmas. 
Thank you everyone, and may you find hope and joy in this Christmas season.  Wendy Cranefield

Travelling Nativity Sets.... 
...are well set on their journeys now, being welcomed into homes and groups of all ages within our community. Have a look at some pictures from their journey here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439206056269847.1073741879.137625169761272&type=1&l=b7edbaf28b
Please continue praying that these knitted dolls will be a means of spreading the true message of God's love at Christmas into our community.

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