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St Wilfrid's becomes a Pokestop

20th July 2016

Well you may not know your Machop from your Machamp, or your Scyther from your Pidgy, but St Wilfrid's church in Wilford has become a Pokestop none-the-less, and apparently we are the only one in Wilford.

So for a bit of fun we decided to go with it! Any Pokemon trainers visiting out church can scan a QR code that will take them to St Wilf's Pokestop, a webpage where players can log the reards they have found and record any Pokemon sightings they have captured around the Church Site!

If you want to know a little more then follow the link below which will tell you how to get the most out of our very own Pokestop!!

How to get the most out of our Pokestop!


Summer Cricket 2016

17th July 2016

Sunday Afternoon saw the annual cricket face off take place between St wilfrids Wilford and chruch of the holy Spirit. Wilford All stars took to the field, and the score is yet to be discovered, but click the picture to the right for more pictures of a lovely sunny afternoon!



Transformers are back!!

18th July 2016

A bunch of folk from church were away this weekend at the Diocesan camp Transform, for teaching on Growing disciples, all age worship and growing the church younger. BBQing, cricket, and lazing in the Sun with friedns also featured highly!! Click here, or on the picture to see some photos from the weekend.



A response to the tragedy in NIce.

15th July 2016

Prayers for France
(in response to the atrocity in Nice)

Sickened by Violence

Adapted from Psalm 52

Why do you boast of evil, you mighty heros?
You who are a disgrace in the eyes of God.
You who practice deceit and whose tongues plot destruction.
You who love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than truth.
Surely God will bring you to everlasting ruin.
He will snatch you up and pluck you from your tent.
He will uproot you from the land of the living.

The righteous will see and fear;
they will laugh at you, saying,
"here now is one who did not make God his stronghold
but trusted in his great wealth
and grew strong by destroying others!"

But as for me,
This will be my way.
I choose to be as an olive tree,
flourishing in the house of God;
I will trust in God’s unfailing love,
for ever and ever.

For what you God have done
I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people.
I will praise him for his goodness,
And I will hope in his name.

Lord God, have mercy.
Give to France your peace.
To those grieving your comfort.
To perpetrators of evil, Justice.

Lord God
with France we stand appalled,
and long for the long promised end to violence and war,
the long awaited peace long promised.

Remove from those afflicted and those who stand with them all hatred.
Deepen their trust in you, and lead all people into the way of peace.

And God, because we cannot stand it,
turn the hearts and minds of every individual who harbors evil in their soul,
and who plot the destruction of others,
and bring the full weight of your justice to bear.

And Father God hear our prayers,
and all our confusions,
all our disgust,
and all our tears
and all our uncertainties,
and cause us too,
to trust in you,
and from you, and your ways, take our lead.


10th July 2016

AGM Part deux - 5th July evening a goodly number from the congregation gathered to reflect on the activity of God during this past year and to discern what we have been learning and how we might press ahead into next year. We shared stories of God’s activity, and of people seeking to live in response to the call of God, and considered how the depth and breadth of growth we are seeing in our congregation might dovetail with the Bishops vision for the Diocese. Once we’ve written up all the refelctions we’ll share them with everyone… but for now here are a few encouraging words and reflections from those who attended… …

“I’ve realised tonight that there is a need for change so that more people can access the groups in the life of the church”“Tonight we gained a sense of where God is in our hearts and our church, and where we are heading under God’s guidance – recognizing that even in times when we forget, God is our everything, and we are still His.”

After tonight I am reflecting that “Every single person, who is involved with our church has a part to play with our missional development”

“Tuesday evening we discovered that God is active in so many different ways, and as we think about them we can see many encouraging similarities and common threads.”

This Get together this evening was encouraging. We thank the Lord for all that he is doing. God was clearly with us this evening as we discussed with seriousness but also with fun what God is enabling us to do!”

“I’ve been reminded of how we can see God at work, and the reminder to keep our eyes fixed on him. Reminded of the need to seek his will and leading in all aspects of our life.

Tonight was about listening, and taking action!

I was encouraged this evening to discover a lot of people thought in a similar way. It has made me think of how I can help to make people feel as if they “belong”.

On Tuesday night I reflected that “We discerned where God was at work and it turned out we were correct!” was three things; Working together, encourgaing, & taking it forward.

On Tuedsday we shared life together, considered where we have been and where we go next.

God is at work, and he has many more plans and challenges for us.

Tuesday night was another step on the journey of becoming the God-Breathing church of tomorrow!


3rd July 2016

Pray for Andrew & Andrew as they are ordained this weekend
Andrew Stewart is to be ordained on 3 July in Southwell; he and Menekse are moving to St Paul's Boundary Road for Andrew's curacy. Please pray especially that they will be able to build relationships within the church family and local communities, and that Jesus will remain central in all of their thinking and living as they join in with what He is doing there.
Andrew North is going be Assistant Curate in the rural parishes of Mulbarton with Kenningham, Bracon Ash, Hethel and Flordon within the Diocese of Norwich. He will be ordained at Norwich Cathedral on Saturday 2nd July at 11am. They have settled in well to the Norfolk countryside and are starting to make their curacy house a home. Please pray for Grace and Poppy as they continue to settle into their new school, new church and begin to make new friends. Please pray for Helen as she continues her nursing career and starts a new post in July. Please pray for Andrew as he embarks on this new part of his journey of faith, that the Holy Spirit would support and guide him as he seeks to live out God’s calling on his life. Also, please can you pray for a technical issues we were experiencing; currently we are unable to get a telephone or internet connection until the middle of August!



26th June 2015

Bishop’s Evening of prayer

A great evening at St Peter’s Ruddington of worship and prayer, if you missed it, you missed out! Bishop Paul spoke about the diocesan vision around ‘Growing Disciples’, and spoke from Luke 10, (a familiar passage to us at St Wilf’s). He shared afresh his contention that there is nothing better than becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, and encouraged us to think in our parishes about how we are seeking to connect with and engage with people around us and help people to come to faith. He also talked of the diocesan vision of developing resource churches throughout the diocese each offering a variety of skills and ministries to share with others.  Lastly he spoke of his passion for raising up younger leaders in the life of the church and of Andy Wolfes appointment to the young leaders academy the diocese is establishing. We prayed for the all of these things in the life of our parishes and Diocese. Over the next term we will be thinking about how our sense of vocation ties in with the vision of the Diocese and sharing that within our deanery.

Yeepies at Southwell
A party of nearly 30 of us mainly elderly, frail people from our Luncheon club (only some of whom are church members) went to Southwell Minster on Wednesday 22 June. We shared lunch together in the Minster as well as attending A Service Celebrating older people. Phil, who also came along must have been the youngest member of the congregation! Everyone agreed that it was a really great day. Margaret Kidger

This week's Zone was different although the toast and Nutella were still there!
After asking the group, last week what they wanted the Church to pray for them, many thoughts came flying out. So instead of activities we had a reflective time building upon the thoughts from last week.
The group established the fact that they were happy as they were, and didn't want to grow in numbers. Upon reflection however, they realised that they would not be a member of Zone if someone had not asked them to come. So the challenge is for them to be attentive to the friends that are drawn to them, and to reflect on who they can ask to the next Zone meeting. There was also discussion about taking responsibility for Zone, so the members planned the next meeting. Wendy Cranefield.


23rd June 2016

Response to the EU referendum

You can read a helpful response from our Archbishops here:
"As citizens of the United Kingdom, whatever our views during the referendum campaign, we must now unite in a common task to build a generous and forward looking country, contributing to human flourishing around the world. We must remain hospitable and compassionate, builders of bridges and not barriers."

and from our own Bishop Paul Williams here:
"As Christians we have a source of hope that is not dependent on our circumstances or diminished by the fluctuating levels of uncertainty we are living with. Our hope is sustained by the presence of God in Jesus Christ, who promised, ‘I am with you always’."


19th June 2016

Orlando & Jo Cox

Many of us have been deeply moved by the acts of violence that have been reported in the news this week, and before we crack on with rounding up our news, it just feels right to pause and pray.

Grieving God,
in your Son you experienced the agony
of the pointless, savage, and premature end of life:
look with mercy on those who have lost loved ones in Orlando.
Restore the confidence of any who fear they can never relax
or enjoy themselves again.
Calm the anxiety of all whose identity makes them
the ready target of hatred and violence;
and hasten a world where all are celebrated for who they are as your children,
where difference is a sign of your diverse abundance,
and where there is no use for guns;
through your wounded yet risen and ascended Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Queens Birthday celebrations

It didn’t rain!! J Community gathered together with flags, amazing cakes, a plethora of scones & tea, bouncy castle, face painting and lots more. Lots of people chatted and had fun, we sang Happy Birthday to Her Majesty and gave out over 50 copies of The Servant Queen Book (we have some left, why not take one to give to someone you know?)
Thanks to Sophie, Robert & all who worked hard to make this such a great event.

Introverts in an Extrovert Church

Last Sunday evening a dozen or so of us gathered to reflect on the experience of the quieter more reflective nature that many of our congregation enjoy, and that is a gift to the diversity of our church, to share something of our experiences and to reflect together on how we might be more mindful of our different approaches together. One of the things that was shared, that was common to many was the experience of imagining that when you are struggling with an activity in a group environment it can feel like you are the only one. The fact that this was a common experience suggest of course that this is rarely the case, and we might try and remember that when an activity appears easy for everyone, there may well be a number of folk who are wresting internally. It was a good valuable and learning conversation to have and we shall be scheduling another conversation like it in the future

A Cluster reunion…

Five years ago our church joined a partnership of churches to explore together developing the missional culture of each of our churches. That process lasted for four years and our Missional steering team met regularly with those other churches as a cluster three or four times a year. On Saturday after a year of that cluster having come to an end, our steering team met up with some of those churches to reflect on what has been happening a year on. It was remarkable to see the different ways that each church was developing its sense of mission, but also how much confidence has grown and universal to all was the experience of an increase in the level of trust between church and community. We hope to continue meeting year on year, and perhaps connect a little more with some of the churches in order to swap stories.


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