St Wilf's Pokestop

St Wilfrid's Pokestop.

19th July 2016

So turns out, that like many others, our church is a Pokestop

I’m reliably informed that Pokeballs, Potions and Revives and other rarer supplies are available here at St Wilfrid’s PokeStop, which I am told is the only Pokestop in the village! I’m hopeful that we have lots of wild Pokemon too.

Once you get to Level 5, I have been told that you can battle at the gym at the Ferry Carpark.  Just please be mindful of traffic!


Pokestop Rewards

At the moment, there are several types of items that you might be lucky enough to receive at a Pokestop. If more items are added to the list please do let us know.

  • Pokeball — These seem to be the most common reward and so St Wilfrid’s Pokestop in Wilford is probably the most cost-effective way to ensure that you have a good stock of Pokeballs that you can use to capture new pokemon.
  • Potions  — Used to recover your Pokemons HP.
  • Razz Berry — An item that apparently makes it easier to catch certain pokemon.
  • Revive — If your Pokemon faints in a gym battle against a rival team, (which I hope doesn’t happen too often to you) this will restore them to half their maximum health.
  • Lucky Egg — For 30 minutes, once consumed this lucky egg will double the experience you gain! Use it wisely!.
  • Egg — You’ll need to store this in an incubator and walk!!! A pokemon will hatch after two, five or ten Kilometers.

Apparently, only Pokeballs and Eggs are offered until you reach level 5, at which point the rest of the list comes into play, so do keep coming back!

How often can you claim rewards?

Every 5 minutes you can swipe for rewards again! We might write some pokemon related stuff to read while you wait. The marker is purple while recharging and turns blue when it’s ready again.

Getting the Most Out of our Pokestop

First and foremost, visiting often enough will save you from having to buy Pokeballs, Potions and other key items.

However, you can also use this Pokestop to bless others! Installing a Lure Module will benefit everyone in the area. That means that working together will be a smart way to go.  If three friends share the task of placing a lure, each of you can place one on our pokestop, one after the other, meaning tha the happy trio will enjoy 90 minutes of an enhanced Pokemon population, and each of you will only have to provide one lure each. Bargain!

So be kind and generous with your Pokemon Lure Modules, and work together. These seem to be the kinds of things that we as a church would want to encourage you to do!

So have fun, and remember to keep yourself safe.


In the Meantime while you're at the church and waiting for the Pokestop to recharge why not answer one of our polls on what rewards you have recieved and what Pokemon you have captured in the area around the church. You can visit our Pokestop pages here:

Click here

Check back soon, and we'll see if we can provide you with some more Pokestop related content!! Maybe you have some ideas we can use.

If you have any bright ideas on how you can help us make the most of our Pokestop please;

contact us here by email,

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Happy Pokemon hunting





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