St Wilfrid has a Pokestop

St Wilfrid's becomes a Pokestop

20th July 2016

Well you may not know your Machop from your Machamp, or your Scyther from your Pidgy, but St Wilfrid's church in Wilford has become a Pokestop none-the-less, and apparently we are the only one in Wilford.

So for a bit of fun we decided to go with it! Any Pokemon trainers visiting out church can scan a QR code that will take them to St Wilf's Pokestop, a webpage where players can log the reards they have found and record any Pokemon sightings they have captured around the Church Site!

If you want to know a little more then follow the link below which will tell you how to get the most out of our very own Pokestop!!

How to get the most out of our Pokestop!



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We have a PokeStop
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