New to church?

If you've never been to St Wilfrid’s Church then you may be wondering what we're like and what you might expect if you did visit us.  So here are some basic facts that you may find useful.  If the thing you want to know is not covered then please do contact us and just ask.


Where are you?

We're tucked away, up a little lane called Church Drive, by the green on Main Road in the village of Wilford.  But we serve the much bigger area of Wilford itself, the Silverdale Estate and the northern half of the Compton Acres estate.  But wherever you live, you're welcome to join us at one of our services.

The church is on the south bank of the River Trent and actually it's very easy to see the church building from the north bank of the river.  If you're shopping at B&Q or Toys'R'Us perhaps, at the Riverside Retail Park, then look across the river and the church you see is us.

What are services like?

Our main service is at 10.30am every Sunday morning. It lasts about an hour and a quarter usually, and will include singing with a music band (keyboard, guitars, drums etc), reading from the Bible and a talk about it, and prayers. It’s fairly informal and friendly, while following the structure of a Church of England service. Everything you need to know will be explained from the front or projected on screens.                                             


We invite you to join us in the Church Hall for drinks and biscuits after the service, which helps us all chat and get to know each other.
People of all ages attend these services, and there is a corner with toys for little ones, as well as usually some colouring sheets if they are needed. Children are very welcome, and we don’t mind if they wander around or make a bit of noise!

children's corner All age service

On the second Sunday of the month everyone stays in to worship together, but all the other weeks there are groups & activities available for children *

The first Sunday of the month is our Holy Communion service, where we go up to receive bread and wine to remember Jesus giving himself for us when he died on the cross. This service is sometimes a little longer, and the children go to their groups first, then we all join together for Communion. People who are used to receiving communion are welcome to receive here, others may prefer to come for a prayer of blessing instead, or even just watch what happens. All are welcome.

If you prefer a quieter Communion service, there is a more traditional Holy Communion service each Sunday at 8am. There is no singing in this service, but it follows the service from a booklet you will be given when you enter. It also includes Bible reading and talk, and prayers, and lasts about an hour. We also have a small communion service on the third Thursday morning of each month at 10am in the Church Office.

Who can come?

Anyone & everyone is welcome at our services. Whatever age, whatever you are wearing…..come as you are.

Does it cost anything?

No. We do take a collection in the service to help the work of the church, to which you are welcome to contribute, but it is not necessary.

Heating and plumbing

We have an ancient building, so it can sometimes be cold – wear a coat! There is no toilet in the church building, but they are available in the church office and hall.

Children and young people

Children are very welcome in our church. There’s a carpeted corner with some toys if that helps your youngster to settle. Most weeks there are special groups for children:
* Children aged 3-5 meet in the back (Carter) Hall. Younger children can be taken along to join this group but will need to be accompanied by a parent/carer.

* Children aged 5-11 meet in the main hall

* Youth aged 11-18 meet in the church office

All leaders are CRB/DBS approved, and will accompany children from the doors of church. Please let them know of any special needs or allergies before leaving your child.

At the end of the service, please collect children from the hall (except 1st week when they begin in group venues and are brought over to church for communion)

Older people

For older people, there is a lunch club each Wednesday in school term time, and special Yeepie (Young Elderly Energetic People Into Everything) and other events from time to time. If you’d like to join in these, or help with them, please contact Margaret Kidger

          Yeepies day       

The Church Hall

This is available for hire – contact

Do you run courses?

During the week, many folks meet as part of a house-group to share life and encourage one another to grow in faith and learn from the Bible. At various times in the year we provide particular opportunities to explore faith through ‘Pilgrim’ or ‘Alpha’ running in an evening for several weeks, or hold extra gatherings on a Sunday evening. Ask the service leaders for more details of these events.


Baptisms, weddings and funerals

We also do Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, and would be pleased to talk with you about your needs, and how we might help prepare you for these important events. Inquire at the office, or ask Phil or Maureen

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