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Autumn sermons 2015

Collected below are a number of sermons from the Autumn 2015.  Scroll down the page to discover the audio files.

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Recent sermons include: (Click on each picture to hear them)


Holding onto hope: Following the weekend of the attacks in Paris and Beirut, Maureen helped us to reflect on hope, and how we might respond to these acts of violence


Memorial Service: The Good Shepherd: On the 8th of november we held a memorial service for those who have been bereaved, and Maureen helped us to reflect on the nature of the one who promises to be for us, a good shepherd.

Remembrance: Giving our all. On Remembrance Sunday we remember those who have given their all, folk like us, but what are we giving of ourselves for.


All Saints Day: Maureen reflects on her visit to India, and the worldwide communion of saints.



Mental Health Sunday on the road to Emmaus: The 18th October was mental health awareness Sunday, and we traveled with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, and considered how Jesus walked alongside those disciples that day.

Friending: In a world of social media our connectivity withone another has gone through the roof. But has it really? Or do we merely face the illusion of connection with those around us? What does deepening  our relationships, truly look like? This Short series of sermons begins to explore that together.