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Stewardship 2016


Introduction to stewardship   -(John Bentham, Area Dean)

John Bentham helped us to think about how everything we have we have because God has given it to us, so it is ALL His really. We should give gratefully, generously and joyfully. Like the widow in the story, when we give what we have to God, He cares for us. Download

Date Recorded:  5th June 2016          File Size:  10,358 Kb


One True God      -(Jonathan Shewell-Cooper)

We had an exciting time, all ages together, as Jonathan and his team helped us in thinking about Elijah and the priests of Baal, learning that there is only one God, who must be loved and trusted above all other things.  Download

Date Recorded: 12th June 2016                 

File Size: 14,444 Kb


Serving          - (Phil Marsh)                                     

An exhausted Elijah and a demon possessed man helped us consider our own response to God, our own thinking about service in Jesus Name. Both responded to the activity of God with the devotion of their lives to the purposes of God and his mission in the world. The demon possessed man, now healed, clearly responds out of thankfulness for all Jesus had done for him. An exhausted Elijah and healed demoniac might surprise us as God’s choices for mission, but reflects that what matters is not our worthiness, our ability or even how long we’ve been established in the faith, what matters is Gods choice of us. Lastly we recognized that both Elijah and the demon possessed man needed the work of God to bring them to a place where they could hear God’s call. What are the spiritual practices that we make use of to quieten our souls, to still our business and to pay attention to and notice the activity of God around us and within us? These are the things which will enable us to hear and discern the very call of God. So what is God up to in you? Why not take some time today to be still and to note and reflect on the gentle movement of God’s Holy Spirit within.  Download

Date Recorded :  19th June 2016         File Size: 16,610 Kb                                                                                 


Giving  - (Maureen Collins)

Maureen talked about politics, religion and money, despite these being 'touchy subjects'. She looked at how what we give our money to reveals our heart: what is really important to us. If we are living as Christians we should be giving both to the church to spread God's good news, and to charity to help the poor. Jesus did not talk about IF we give, but WHEN we give. This is part of being a disciple of Jesus.           Download


Date Recorded :  26th June 2016         File Size: 9,925 Kb


Stewardship Conclusion - (Maureen Collins)

We thought about being on a mission, putting Jesus first in our lives – before our money & possessions. As we deepen relationships going out together, so we discover new relationships as we offer God's peace to people, and invest in those people who are open to us. We were challenged – as we finish our series on 'Stewardship'- to think about how much we give to God, to help His work through our church.  Download


Date Recorded :  3rd July 2016         File Size: 10,688Kb