Current Sermon Series - Giving Up



It's Lent, where traditionally people give up all manner of stuff ranging from chocolate to emails, or from alcohol to TV. But are there are few things, which if we gave them up, would bring real blessing and freedom to our lives? Not intended as an exhaustive list, but see what you think of these?

Giving up - Control

This Sunday, the first in Lent, we begin a new series of talks on the theme of 'Giving up'. And by 'giving up' we are not thinking about chocolates and the like, and for 40 days only, but rather about things that God wants us to give up, not just for forty days, but forever. The first of these is 'Giving up Control'. We will look at the difference between Adam and Eve, on the one hand, (who ignored what God wanted of them and followed their own desires,) and, on the other hand, Jesus. He resisted all the temptations that the devil threw at him (to misuse his God-given power to achieve popularity and worldly success) in favour of allowing God the Father to control his life and mission. Adam and Eve brought only sin and chaos into the world, Jesus brought forgiveness and salvation. We are to follow the example of Jesus by letting God take control of our lives.
  Key texts: Genesis 2:15-17 & Matthew 4:1-11
  5th March  
  Margaret Kidger  


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