Autumn Seasonal Services 2016

Harvest & Shoeboxes - A barren tree or a faithful gardener?

A quirky parable in Luke 13, of a tree failing to bear fruit, caused us to look on the faithful gardener, prepared to tend it and nurture it towards fruiting. Apples helped us to think of the garden of Eden where humanity chose to rebel against God. Olives took us to the garden of Gethsemane, where we observed the kneeling Jesus, prepared to be crushed for our failing. Grapes took us to the vine and the branches, and the call to remain in the vine that we might have life, and of course through all these stories the thread of the faithful gardener runs. As we gave gifts to the friary, and the Oxfam famine appeal and prepared to give shoeboxes, we reflected on the fact that we may not yet feel as freely generous and faithful to the calling of God as we may like, but the faithful gardener is there alongside us, helping to bear the fruit that he intends.
  Key Text: Luke 13:6-9
  9th October 2016  
  Phil Marsh  

All saints & the Bride of Christ

At our communion services on Sunday morning with the theme of All Saints Day we thought of the book of Revelation as a sacrament of the imagination and as a pledge of Jesus love for us to encourage us all to read it and get a better grasp of what it has to say to us where we are. Just as it has been doing for all the saints before us since it was written and will continue to do for all the saints who will follow us up to the point we all join together with God as pictured in Revelation 21. The picture of the Church and the place of all the saints (you & I included) with God in glory painted by the closing Act of Revelation that leaves us in Awe and Amazement as to our destiny but also calls us to Action now in general to be what in God’s eyes we already are.

  Key texts:Revelation 21:1-6 & Isaiah 25:6-9
  6th November 2016  
  Peter Cheslett  

Remembrance 2016

Last Sunday we held our Remembrance Day Parade, and were pleased to welcome some members of our Uniformed organizations and of the Forces. We took time to thank God for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, and prayed for those in need and in danger. We observed 2 minutes of silence and laid wreaths and crosses. In our reflections on the Beatitudes, we thought about how God's Kingdom is present since the time of Jesus \'it is here\', and yet it is not seen in all it's fullness – as it will be when Jesus comes again - \'Your Kingdom come\'. So as we live through an unsettling political and conflict filled present, we have a sure & certain hope that if we trust God, we can look forward to an eternity of peace & joy.
  13th November 2016  
  Maureen Collins  

Christ the King

On Sunday morning, through scripture, two short videos and a talk, we celebrated the kingly nature of Christ and the impact His nature should have on us, who by Gods grace alone, have been brought into His kingdom and are members of Christs body, the Church.
Key text: Colossians 1:11-20
  20th November 2016  
  Margaret Kidger  

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