Deepening relationships

Deepening Relationships

Our Missional Focus at St Wilfrid's is:

Sharing Life: with Jesus; with each other; with our communities

And our discerned theme within that for this year is, ‘Deepening our relationships’



We thought about some of the areas of life in which it could be helpful to think about how this might work; how deepening relationships might affect our daily living. As always one of the themes of our preaching is discipleship, encouraging people to live out our faith in our everyday life, not just Sundays or times we are at church. This sermon series relates to Christian living in the home, the workplace and the wider world.
Some of the sermons in the series are below:

Deepening Relationships Parents and children - Maureen Collins - 14th February 2016

We thought about practical ways of showing love and putting the other person first as we deepen relationships in families, between parents and children. The message of submitting to one another works in families as well as couples!


Deepening Relationships Singleness - Maureen Collins - 21st February 2016

Continuing our theme, we thought about the issue of singleness – however and whenever it is caused. We acknowledged the pain that it can cause, and explored Paul's description of it as a higher calling. The overall theme was that all of us, whatever relationships we are in or not in, should aim to serve our Lord with "unhindered devotion". And also as the body of Christ; the family of God, we should all be looking out for each other, seeking to welcome, help & include all as we share Christ's love in our deepening relationships.


Deepening Relationships with each other - Ian Baker - 6th March 2016

With the help of a ladybird book on Mothering, we thought about how what we do as a church mirrors the qualities of a mother as we nurture each other. Our love and unity within the church is what will help others to believe - what a challenge. We received beautiful flowers in a decorated glass to give to those who 'mother' or nurture us on anyway, and we prayed for all who enjoy Mothering Sunday as well as those who find it hard.


Deepening relationships with the community - Margaret Kidger - 13th March 2016

Through our participation in the story of St Paul’s sea journey to Italy (Acts 27) we increased our understanding of the nature of ‘communities’ and of the important role that we as Christians have within them. We discovered that God is at work in the world, as well as within the church, to further his purposes. We saw that it was God’s will that we belong to communities and that it is important for us to be, like Paul, encouragers of our communities and that our words and actions should always point people Godwards.


Deepening Relationships Slaves & Masters - Peter Cheslett - 28th March 2016

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