Epiphany 2017


Three sermons here for you to reflect with during the season of epiphany.


Seeing the face of Christ

Peter helps us in the story of the Hoky innocents, to remember Christ as a refugee, and challenges us to think about in whose face we might see christ. With images of refugees flooding our screens in 2016 and questions over immigration continuing to be a political football, how might regarding the infant Christ as refugee fleeing to egypt shape our response to contemporary issues?
  Key Text: Matthew 2
  1st January 2017  
  Peter Cheslett  


What made the Wise men Wise?

Last Sunday morning we celebrated at our morning services the feast of Epiphany by looking at the story of the Wise men. At our All Age service the children acted out the story for us as we thought about what made the Wise Men wise, and concluded that it was principally their decision to act on that which God had revealed to them. What then might wisdom look like for us?
  Key text: Matthew 2
  8th January 2017  
  Margaret Kidger  


Presentation of Christ - The affirmation of promise

With the presentation of Christ at the temple, we Simeon, a faithful member of God’s people, waiting in anticipation for a promise God had given to him, that he would see the promised rescuer, the messiah before he died. Enter Mary and Joseph, bringing the infant Jesus to the temple, affirming and confirming God’s promise to Simeon. In response, Simeon’s song of praise and words to Mary, surely confirmed to Mary and Joseph that which had been promised to them, that their child, was no other than the saviour of the world. Anna’s prophecy too would have served as a powerful affirmation of the same. How important those words must have been to Mary and Joseph in the years that the watched and waited for God’s promise to them to come to pass. How important that we are attentive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, how important it is that we commit to meeting with one another and sharing life together that we might affirm and confirm God’s promises to each of us.
  Key text: Luke 2:21-40
  29th January 2017  
  Phil Marsh  











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