Sermon Series Friending

In a world of social media our connectivity with one another has gone through the roof. But has it really? Or do we merely face the illusion of connection with those around us? This year as a church we are being challenged to deepen our relationships, but what does that truly look like? What does it look like to build depth into our friendships? This is what we are currently exploring together in our sermon series; Friending. (click here to find out more) 20th September - Week 1

Friending: It matters who you run with

Key Texts: Proverbs 13:20, Hebrews 10:19-26

As we start this series Phil begins with an introduction on why this is going to be an important topic for us as a church as we seek to live out our sense of vocation and mission under God. Drawing on the Wisdom of Solomon we considered the impact that our friends can have on us and explored why the challenge of deepening our relationships might not be about increasing the amount of time we spend together, but instead might be about how we spend that time. (click here to listen)



Sunday 27th September - Week 2

Friending: Guarding one another's life

Key Texts: James 1:19-27, & James 15:13-20

Feedback from last weeks sermon saw people giving rise to a key question or line of thought. namely how do we balance this idea of our friends lives impacting and shaping us with the fact that some of us spend a lot of time within different circles of friends. How to we maintain an integrity of our christian life in those places. We are going to look at the book of James to consider God's call to holiness of life, and the way in which we may be responsible for keeping loving watch over one anothers lives.(click here to listen)



Sunday 4th October - Week 3

Friending: Three practices and an attitude

Key Texts: 1John4:7-12

Over the last couple of weeks we have focused on why we need to invest in our key friendships but a number of folk have asked how, and although we are bound to look at this topic together again over the course of this year, we look together in this sermon at 3 key practices and one key attitude that are drawn from reflecting a little on the love of God. (click here to listen)


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