Secure hope



Secure hope: Waiting for Hope

It was lovely to welcome the Hammond family as Evie and Amelia were baptised. We welcomed Advent too, thinking about how hard waiting is. Children struggle to wait for Christmas, but we are waiting for the Second Coming of Christ in Glory, but we do not know when that will be. We live in the now and not yet. God's Kingdom is here among us in Jesus, and yet we long for the fullness of Gods Kingdom when there will be no more war or death or suffering. So we actively seek God, we live in His ways of light and life.
Key Texts: Matthew 24:36-44
  27th November 2016  
  Maureen Collins  

Secure Hope: Lift Up your Eyes

How did the pharisees and Sadducees miss the coming of the Christ? John calls them to repent. Perhaps they missed it because their focus was on the wrong thing. How about us? where are our eyes fixed? too much on our own concerns or our own selves, or on the promise of the coming king? Repent, and beleive, and lift up your eyes.

Key texts: Matthew 3:1-12 & Isaiah 11:1-10
  4th December 2016  
  Ian Baker  

Secure Hope: Lift Up your Eyes

Holding onto hope. How do we fix our eyes on a hope yet to be recieved, when we face difficulty and challenge in the here and now?
Key Texts: Luke 7:18-35 Phil Marsh 11th December 2016  



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