Published by Christine Bemrose on Sun, 21 Oct 2018 12:29

Summary of PCC Meeting 16th October 2018

At the PCC Meeting on the 16th October, the main item under discussion was a Diocese initiative about growing young lives in the Church.

Stats show that 65% of churches in our Diocese have 5 or less under 5’s on a Sunday and something needs to be done about it. 

As a result the Diocese have started an initiative to try an increase the number of children and young people attending Church on a Sunday.

The Diocese are now looking for 21 churches, form across the Diocese, to register for the initiative and the Churches involved will work together, to grow the numbers of young people within their respective Churches and CofE central funding will be available to assist with this project. 

As an outcome the Church could look at creating services that are aimed entirely at young people and these would run in parallel to the conventional Sunday service, maybe at a different location (such as the Church Hall) or at a  different time of day (like Sunday afternoon).

Throughout the PCC there was a positive response to the initiative particularly from those who lead our Children and Young People’s groups and a small group was formed to look into this further and register for the initiative, which needs to be done by the middle of November.

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