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PCC BLOG – 26/02/19

The People of Considerable Commitment (PCC) met last week and discussed the latest matters facing the church family at St Wilfrid’s Church.

Twelve of the fifteen members were able to meet for two and a half hours of fun, laughter and faithful service. (With cakes provided by Eddie ‘retired again ‘Mason).

After opening prayers and discussing Jesus, the living cornerstone of the chosen people, we continued into the agenda and building God’s kingdom in Wilford.

Safeguarding was the first item addressed and St Wilfrid are on top of the process and regulations. The Safe Guarding group met recently to ensure all training, work and paperwork are in place. David Shardlow is our Safe Guarding Officer and Claire Devonport the Lead Recruiter. Thank you for looking out for us guys.

The next item was the announcement that Phil and the wonderful Marsh clan are leaving us on the 9th July 2019. With mixed feelings of sadness, but also love and support, we listened to the Wardens as they assured us the process is a well-oiled machine. We are fortunate to have their experience and enthusiasm to lead us and a timeline of events is already in place to help us take the next steps. The PCC will work with them to unravel the next part of God’s plan for us all.

Next we looked at the ‘area of focus’ document put together last year. This document, along with any new missional directions agreed by the congregation, and in partnership with the Lord, will be the topic of discernment at the Church family gathering on March 16th. (Don’t forget there will be bacon and egg cobs that day).

Agreed missional initiatives at the moment include; the Young life, lead by Lindsey Barnes. She announced she would be meeting with the Bishop to discuss the next steps at the end of March; and 50+ which will be explored further at the Discernment Meeting by Eddie and his glamorous assistant Ray Hutchins.

Next on stage was the comedy double act Gary Evans and Peter Brown to cheer everyone up with a review of finance. Gary told us that at the end of 2018 we increased our level of savings to about £33,000 but half of this will be used to pay for the car park re-surfacing and catching up some expense left over from 2018. Still, a good position to be in. Pete told us the budget for 2019 was balanced and was looking promising, but due to recent announcements would be reviewed and monitored carefully. The Finance group will meet soon to start planning for potential adjustments. He said the 2018 accounts will be prepared by Mike Polkinghorn and ready for the AGM on the 28th April (I think he might have had his fingers crossed).

Paul Wicks is managing the full review of the electoral roll this year. More will be communicated at Sunday services and at the AGM

Tom McGowan told the PCC that the Church Hall development is making progress and news on the main grant required to kick start the development of the Carter Hall is imminent. Fund raising is ongoing and has recently been helped by generosity from the uniform groups using the hall. Super Stars!!

The meeting finished with a Warden’s report, AOB and a prayer to send us all home for a well-earned good night’s sleep resting in the Lord’s embrace.


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