Published by Eddie Mason on Wed, 20 Mar 2019 17:00

News form the PCC meeting held on 19th March 2019

The latest meeting of the great and the good was held this Tuesday night. The agenda as always was quite extensive but the main item on the PCC's minds and the congregation is the forthcoming departure of Phil in July.

To assist with these situations the diocese have appointed an Associate Archdeacon for Transition Ministry Revd Canon Phil Williams who came to address the meeting. Although there is not a great deal to report at this stage Phil outlined to the PCC what will happen after Phil has left. We hope to provide more detail on this process and what will happen as a replacement over the next few months.

Going back to the main meeting 1  Peter 2: 1-10 was used to dwell in the word all about living stones and Jesus as the cornet stone for Zion.

The minutes for the previous meeting minutes was agreed and further items discussed. These included:

Up and coming AGM with PCC elections

Follow up of the recent congregational discernment

One life Mission - events during the visits of the Northern bishops in September

Strategic Planning for the Transition - an action plan is being drawn up to cover all the issues that need to be covered before Phil leaves and get actions in place.

AOB covered Maundy Thursday Supper - this will be bring and share - plqans need to be completed and notices given.

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