Published by Eddie Mason on Sun, 14 Apr 2019 14:44

Following on from the recent Compassion Sunday event we as Wilford Church have sponsored a child through compassion UK. I would like to introduce Anne Atim from Togo. 

As Compassion put it - "In a world where a child dies from poverty related causes every three seconds, its easy to feel that there's nothing we can do - that we're too small to make a difference. But behind the global statistics, facts and figures are individual children like Anne. By sponsoring her, you are helping to change the world one child at a time".

Anne was born in Togo on the 21st December 2013 her father isa n agricultural worker and mother tailor / seamstress. Anne is an only child and her hobbies are dancing and group games. Anne speaks French.

Anne has written her first letter to us - you can see this by following this link Annes Letter March 2019.pdf

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