Published by Paul Wicks on Wed, 5 Jun 2019 13:45

The PCC meeting on the 21st of May was chaired by one of our Church Wardens (Eddie Mason) in preparation for leading the PCC once Phil has departed (on the 7th of July). 

The meeting began with an unforgettable joke from Pete Brown, that I can’t remember and the Chair then welcomed three new PCC members (from the April AGM), these being Anne Mason, Chris Smith and Barry Lee. Additionally Margaret Kidger and Wendy Brown were welcomed to the meeting as co-opted PCC members as Licensed Reader and Mental Health Team Rep, respectively. 

Key decisions that were agreed on at the meeting were :-

The election of Paul Wicks as PCC secretary. 

The election of Gary Evans & Pete Brown as joint Treasurer. 

The election of Anne Mason as PCC Rep to the Safeguarding Team. 

The adoption of a revised set of working guidelines and operational values for the PCC.

It was agreed to hold a PCC “Away Day” in September to consolidate what we had discerned at our previous “Away Day” in May, to identify the way we want to move forward as a Church. 

The main agenda item was our “Main Area’s of Focus” document that we agreed in 2018, which focuses on three area’s, these being :-

1. Developing Lay Leadership

  2. Embedding Church Desk

  3. Developing the Parish’s sense of direction

Much of this has very much been brought to the fore with our forthcoming period of Interegnum which will rely heavily on our Lay Leaders, with an increased reliance on Church Desk as our principal communication tool, if we are going progress and grow as a Church. Actions were taken to move these issues forward and to raise their profile.

Our Next PCC meeting will be held on Tuesday the 18th of June. If anyone has anything that they would like considered for this meeting please contact the PCC Secretary. 


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