Published by Sophie Blaken on Sun, 15 Sep 2019 21:26

This weekend saw the reopening of the Benjamin Carter Hall.

After years of planning we're really happy that the plans for the Benjamin Carter Hall (Back Hall) have become a reality. 

No longer cold (except when you accidentally sat on the old pipes -ouch!) and draughty the new underfloor heating and insulation will keep us all toasty this winter. The improved access will help those who struggled previously to better use the space, and an indoor loo that's fully accessible will make life easier for everyone from toddler groups to luncheon club and everyone in between. Not to mention the new kitchenette will allow those using the back hall to get a cuppa much more easily.





The weekend saw community descend to help the halls team get the hall ready for the sneak peek event. Making short work 2 Tonne of Gravel and relocating a 12ft shed.

The sneak peak event saw supporters, community, regular users, church family and a few potential users join together to further build community, eat cake and take a look around. 

In the evening the Halls hosted the One Life Quiz event, with special guests Julian (the Bishop of Blackburn) and Emma Swarbrick from Blackpool Holy Trinity church. Julian Blessed the refurbished hall before we all enjoyed a buffet supper and an evening of quizzing. 

And then this morning church coffee was enjoyed in the Benjamin Carter Hall and it was lovely to see the kids able to enjoy the outdoor space, and the hall come back to life. 

So what now? Well it's straight into Phase 2, the main hall. If you'd like to find out more about our progress and plans for the next phase. Take a look at the Halls Project page

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