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If you have ever wanted to get involved with CAP here is an opportunity to become a CAP money coach. This is a skill we have used in St Wilfrid's in the past and now more than ever it can help with our partnership with the CAP West Bridgford Debt Centre.

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Become an expert from home!

If the weather's taught us anything this week, it's always to be ready for change! Here at CAP, we're still hard at work finding new ways to adapt to the challenges and changes of 2020. That's why in this update you'll see ways you can learn about UK poverty and train yourself to help others, all without leaving your home. Our hope is that these resources will help you, your church and your community.

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The CAP Money Course training online!

The CAP Money Course is needed more than ever. We're excited to say we've decided to move all training days online for the rest of 2020. These will be open if you're refreshing your training, joining an existing team, or representing a new partner church. It's great for your church and your community. We're still in the planning stages, so click below to tell us you're interested and we'll be in touch.Register interest >

A dark place

Imagine going through lockdown without gas or electricity in your home. A dark place is our report about how low income families cope with unaffordable energy costs. There are some shocking statistics and stories about the lengths people go to just to make ends meet. Find out about the reality of fuel poverty in the UK and see the changes we're calling for on behalf of our clients.Read more >

Paula Stringer
UK Chief Executive

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