Published by Eddie Mason on Tue, 9 Jun 2020 10:12
Antony and Kimberly from Guatemala
Dear Eddie Thank you for your support of Anne. You’re making an incredible difference in her life. We recently received an update from the staff at the project Anne attends; letting us know that her date of birth has been corrected from 21 December 2013 to 8 September 2013. You can find the new details in your myCompassion account by logging in here.  If you don’t yet have a myCompassion account you can also use this link to register. By working closely with families, we often discover new information about the child after they’ve been registered. When a child is registered into our programme, their parents often don’t know the exact birth date, as birthdays are not as important in other cultures as they are here in the UK. It’s also not so common for a child to have a birth certificate, especially if they were born at home. To find out the difference having a birth certificate can make to a child in poverty, watch our video here . If you have any questions, please give us a call on 01932 836490 or reply to this email. God bless

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