Published on Thu, 25 Jun 2020 10:49

Year 1 returned to South Wilford a couple of weeks ago, despite the poring rain there was smiles all round as friends who had not seen each other since March were reunited. The return to school brought back a bit of normality for some of our younger church family and their parents.

The school have tried to keep things as normal as possible for the kids whilst keeping everyone safe. Its led to some very exciting changes as far as the children are concerned. Norah told us the highlights seem to include "new games painted on the ground, so we don't touch things and get germs, packed lunches and more fun lessons". Sam said "the best bit of being back at school is seeing all my friends and Mr Pavli, I love Mr Pavli he makes being at school so cool. I also love eating my lunch outside we never got to do that before!".

Sophie said picking the children up after school was brilliant they bounded out of school with so much energy and for me it was like Norah had sprung back to life. As we left on the first Friday Cece was happily chatting about the "Jesus learning" she had been doing with Mrs Durner, another sign that we are indeed returning to normal....albeit slowly.


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