Published by Paul Wicks on Fri, 31 Jul 2020 11:51

During these “Unprecedented Times” we have all had to accept new ways of behaving and find new ways of keeping in touch with our friends, families and colleagues. One of these has been the transfer of face to face meetings to virtual, online communication 

For the past 14 weeks this is exactly what various members of St. Wilfrid’s congregation have been doing, meeting up on Zoom for informal fellowship. The hope was that this could go some way towards keeping our church community connected and “sharing life with one another.”

These meet-ups have taken place from 11:00 -11:45am (after the live streamed service) and have allowed us to get together to chat and laugh and see each other, via the cameras on our laptops, tablets & smart phones. 

With numbers varying from 12 to 20 we have been able to compare experiences of lock-down and find out such interesting facts as who has had the best takeaway or the fastest Deliveroo service!

We have heard news from friends about the wider church family, and shared thoughts and information about the slow progress out of lock-down.

Stories from keyworkers who have still been going into work, have given us an insight into the reality of our ‘new normal’ and allowed us to appreciate the changes that they have experienced as their workplaces adapted to accommodate Covid-19 restrictions.

One Sunday we were joined from Norfolk and at various times impromptu appearances of pets and children have added to the joy of these meet-ups. 

So why not join us when we start up again in September? 

We have had participants from ages 6 to 86 and it is a straightforward process, you just need to click on the link that will be circulated via email and then follow the instructions that appear on your screen. We can provide individual help to talk any technophobes or insecure computer users through the process and help to get you connected. 

Please do consider dropping in!


Jae & Neil Marriott

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