Published by Paul Wicks on Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:38

Below is an email that we received this week, from the Friary in West Bridgford, who are continually working to end homelessness, locally.

The Friary is a charity that we support as a Church and while we have all felt vulnerable during the pandemic, let's remember that organisations like the Friary have worked on tirelessly to  support those who are considerably more vulneable than most.



See Phil’s Story here:

The Friary has been given permission to stay open during this pandemic as frontline support to help local homeless & vulnerable people at this very stressful time. We are offering “at the door” practical support at the Drop-in and welfare advice and emotional support. Many rough sleepers have been given hotel accommodation by the council to keep them and others safe from catching the virus but it hasn’t been possible or practical to offer everyone accommodation. These people are coming to us for support.

We need your help so we can continue with our offer of help. Sometimes people just aren’t aware we rely on donations, especially at the moment as all fundraising events are on hold. Maybe people you are in contact with would consider donating the equivalent of something small they would have enjoyed were it not for lockdown.  It would be easy to use our Justgiving link below. Just a thought.

If you are in a position to help financially or can share this with your congregation/friends/family or even your neighbours! please use these links or get in touch:

Thank you and stay safe.

From the Trustees, staff and people who access the Friary.


Helen Jones

Marketing & Communications Officer


Telephone:  0115 982 5448 option 2


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