Published on Mon, 5 Oct 2020 15:24

At our services yesterday we reflected on the harvest and how generous God is to us in so many ways. Today we collected our harvest donations and it showed how generous we can be too. Thank you to everyone that has contributed. 

Over the last week we've been asking for donations to the local food banks. In the last 7 days we've collected 35 full bags and boxes of donations. Not just of food but also of essential toiletries and a few luxuries too. 

The donations have been split and will be heading to The Meadows food bank and the NG11 food bank in Clifton later this week. 

Cars packed and ready to go. 

Thanks you so much to everyone that contributed. If you'd like to become a more regular donor to support food banks, or you need a bit of extra help right now, you can find details of the Meadows food bank here and the the Clifton NG11 food bank here

As part or our wider Harvest appeal we're also supporting Operation Christmas Child. The scheme run by Samaritan's Purse aims to bring a bit of joy and to show God's love to children right across the world.

Normally we would ask you to pack a show box with toys but this year we're asking, if you are able, to please pack a virtual one. You can pack your shoe box here.

So far we've had three shoe boxes donated. Thank you to those who have contributed. 

 Please let us know when you have and we'll add it to the pile. 

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