Published by Paul Wicks on Fri, 9 Oct 2020 09:08

As part of Harvest Week we were asked to be a collection point on Compton Acres to support local food banks.  I did wonder if we would get any response but had an idea!    
I put a poster in the front window and stuck one on a box at the front door and to reach more people for the collection appeal I posted on Compton Acres Facebook page (with a photo of the collection box) and the response was amazing.  Every day donations of food, drink and toiletries arrived either put in the box or left in a bag at the side.  I didn’t always see who was dropping off donations but I did notice two of the people are not connected with St. Wilfrid’s but had seen the appeal on Facebook and were prompted to donate and I feel sure there were more.  We collected a box full and 12 bags full of products (we could hardly walk through our hallway!). I took a photo of all we collected and put it and a thank you on the Compton Acres Facebook page.  I know there is some negative feeling among people towards Facebook but it can have it’s uses.  It is heartwarming to know people are ready to give and this was a good use of Facebook. 
Barbara & David Miller

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