Published on Sun, 8 Nov 2020 16:48

It's been interesting year for the Halls team. Last October we opened the refurbished back hall and it felt like an new exciting chapter. Seeing more groups come to the hall was wonderful as more people could meet and build community. When we had to close the hall in March as covid hit hard it was a sad day, but we focused on the future. 

Whilst the hall was closed we used the time to prepare to safely reopen and to finalise the plans for phase 2 of the redevelopment. We completed the tender specification, which is the document building contractors need to be able to provide a quote. Once the quotes are in place we can apply for funding. And that's where we are right now waiting for the final quotes so we can start applying for grants again. 

Thanks to a lot of work from the team and the support of the PCC we were able to reopen in September. Unfortunately some of the businesses that used the hall didn't reopen, and some groups weren't yet ready or able to come back. But we welcomed new groups and the mix of activities in the hall changed again. 

Time to say goodbye
Lockdown and covid gave people time to reflect. Following lock down Barbara and Rob decided it was time to step down from the team. We're really grateful to them for being part of the team for so long and to Rob especially for all his hard work as our booking manager. We'd love more people on the team so if you have a passion to help keep the halls at the heart of our community please get in touch

Tier 3
When it was announced that Nottingham would enter tier 3 at the end of October it was sleeves up again time for the Halls Team. Whilst we worked with the council to understand what the restrictions meant for us and our users. We agonised over the decisions we faced but decided to close the hall for all adult groups.

Lockdown 2
No sooner had we implemented tier 3 restrictions the second lockdown announcement came. This one seemed more straight forward that the halls would close. Right? Well, not exactly you see we'd been in talks for a few weeks with a new group that supports adults with learning disabilities about them using the Main Hall during the week. The vital work they do needs to continue during the lockdown and from tomorrow that work will take place in the hall. 

So I've just spent another chilly Sunday evening at the Church Hall fighting with the boiler. But tonight I didn't mind so much because I know tomorrow it's going to be working hard to keep the hall warm and full of life. 

Sophie and The Halls Team

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