Published by Paul Wicks on Fri, 13 Nov 2020 14:00

The Big, New, Wilford Nativity

Here at St. Wilfrid’s We are starting to prepare for a Covid Christmas. 

What does this look like? Well no-one really knows, but for one thing, there won’t be a travelling knitivity this year. 

Instead we are having a Big, New, Wilford Nativity, created especially for this crazy year. 

So out came the jigsaw and the router and we (Neil & Jae Marriott) got busy creating a collection of ½ life-sized cut out characters to inhabit the church porch this December.

A team of volunteers have helped with the painting of the figures, using the empty rectory garage as an improvised (Covid-Compliant) ‘Nativity Paint-Shop’.

Once they have been varnished for longevity and weather-resistance the characters will be ready for their role in this year’s “Inside-Out” Christmas.

From the beginning of December the characters will start to take up their places in the Church porch. New characters will arrive gradually throughout Advent, until the tableaux is almost complete. 

Then they will wait, as we will wait, for Christmas Day, for the promised Saviour-King to arrive and take up his place in the empty manger, and in our hearts.

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