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Dear Ministers and Champions,

By means of a summary to all who were at the meeting today, and information to those who couldn’t make it, please see the proposed schedule below for our gathering on Sunday 29th November (first Sunday of advent).

 6.30pm – Welcome

  • Ali to host.
  • A few minutes for people to come on, say hi and settle in.

6.35pm – Worship Song (x2)

  • Tim organising two contemporary, but popular, songs of worship  featuring musicians from different churches (montaged and edited together). Tim has already emailed all churches but only had a response from one. He will email us all again as a reminder and with some more details. Please forward this information to your musicians and ask them to get in touch ASAP.

6.45pm - Story Time

  • Stephen will deliver this as last year.
  • Possibly 7 minute talk followed by 13 minutes discussion in a breakout room.

7.05pm – Interviews

  • Jonathon is putting together a pre-recorded interview to highlight the work of the Friary.
  • Mark F will speak to Jane, our new CAP worker with a view to interviewing her live to highlight the work of CAP.
  • Both interviews to be 5 minutes.


7.15pm – Prayers

  • Two ‘Champions’ to pray live, one each off the back of the two works mentioned above.
  • Move into breakout groups: after quick introductions spend a few minutes to pray for the vulnerable, particularly isolated) people in our churches (especially with the pandemic in mind and as we head into the Christmas period).

7.30pm - Act of Unity

  • Lighting of a candle or tea light (or even mobile phone light) together, as an act of worship and our unity together. Whereas we were originally thinking off giving out candles with physical invites, we decided it would be easier and wiser (with the virus) to ask people to supply their own.
  • A minister to bring a 3 minute message/reflection around this as we start to conclude our time together

7.35pm - Worship song (x1)

  • Tim sorting, as above.
  • Looking at a more traditional hymn.

 7.30pm – Close

  • Ali to wrap up.

The only other thing to say is that I’ll look to put together an electronic invite that we can push out to our people via email lists or our social media channels. But also we need to make sure it is in our service announcements, bulletins, newsletters etc.

Think that’s it. Shout up if you think I’ve missed anything or have any other questions   

Bless you all.

Thanks again for your input and ownership of this. It’s going to be fantastic!

Alistair Kent

Senior Minister

The Rock Church


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