Published by Debbie Ballantine on Tue, 8 Dec 2020 15:50

A big thank you to those who donated to the Notts Christmas Toy Appeal.  

The organiser of the event made the following comments:-

"The 2020 collection was amazing. Against a backdrop of the Covid pandemic, our traditional supporters found different ways to get toys to us. Churches held collections in their car parks, small companies, themselves hard hit by lockdown, donated freely from stock or customer collections. Individuals turned up at our collection poiont or at volunteers houses with bags of much-needed gifts. Our Facebook group of 40 members became 120 in the space of a month and from them, came volunteers to replace our regulars that were shielding. At the collection point, they worked tirelessly to process the bigger than normal deliveries that arrived every day and filled the hall. Then, on the last day, they bagged up everything remaining for Nottingham City Council to take to their childrens homes.

Coronavirus, which has taken so much, has also given back in the never-ending generosity of all the people inolved in collecting and distributing this appeal."

So thank you people of Wilford Church for your part in this event this year.

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