Published on Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:29

Interview at Wilford Church – Jill Edmonds

Where I was aware of the Absence of God and the Presence of God over the last year.

The first place that made me notice God, during the first lockdown, was when the government encouraged us to go out by for a walk each day. Suddenly there was God! Every step that I took I could sense Him: in the blades of grass and the trees; in the sky; in the streams and lakes; in the birdsong; indeed, His presence was in all of His creation. For me, that set my feet firmly on the ground.

But I was in school most of the time and that was quite a scary place to be - not because I was personally scared of getting Covid, but for many youngsters and staff, it was really frightening. When you're a teacher, you act that you're confident, you're a support, saying that everything's going to be okay which was quite hard ask! That really started to bring me to my knees – all that was going on and praying for these little ones was really important. God was good. He protected our school and others.

 The number of people in hospital really shocked me. I think I was aware that people were ill at home, but the numbers of people going into hospitals was frightening. This time last year, Debbie asked if I would be part of a group to go to QMC and sing The Blessing to staff and patients. That was probably one of the biggest privileges I have ever had. 

The Lord Bless you, and keep you

Make His face shine upon you

And be gracious to you

The Lord turn His face toward you

And give you peace

This song became my life song. It went on to say:

May His favour be upon you

And a thousand generations

And your family and your children

And their children and their children

These real words became deeply engraved in my soul, for which I am eternally grateful. My eldest daughter gave birth to my Grand-Daughter in December, but beautiful Aminatta did not survive – she only lived for 12 short weeks. Hannah and I held on to these words and promises all through this horrific time, playing The Blessing in the car and where ever we were. And we know that baby Aminatta is being held safely in God’s loving arms.

A real -life roller coaster, but I have really sensed God’s presence so much in this last year, not because He was more available but because I turned to seek more of Him. 

Thank you Father, for being there for us.

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