Published by Wilford Church on Fri, 10 Sep 2021 10:10

For those in our church family who use the envelopes for giving please note they will be available in church from this Sunday, 12th Sep. They will be placed on the table to the right of the door as you enter church. 

We have decided to use the 2020/2021 envelopes for this year 2021/2022, but do not be concerned just use the one closest to the date/week you are giving. It is the number on the giving envelope that is most important so please ensure you pick up the set with the number allocated to you.

If you can not get into church to pick them up but would still like to have them, email or call 07954490905 with your address and envelope number and he will drop them off for you.

Alternatively if you would like to switch to “hassle free” giving then setting up a standing order is much easier all round and allows us to manage our budget more accurately - Link to our giving page.

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