Published by Eddie Mason on Thu, 16 Sep 2021 10:16

We are looking at re-opening the luncheon club and what we need to do to make this happen. 

One aspect is the continued support of volunteers to help with numerous jobs on the day. Typically the luncheon club has been held on a Wednesday with lunch served about midday. 

The volunteers we need are: 

Setting up tables etc. - from about 10 to 10.30 in the morning

Welcomers providing tea and coffee - Helping folks to their tables
Servers for the meals 

Someone to collect the dinners from school- car needed for this 

After lunch Tea and coffee 

Washing up
Clearing away tables etc. 

The whole process is from 10am to around 1.30 in the afternoon and needs a team of people to make it work. 

If you would like to be involved and can help on a regular basis can you let me or Anne Mason know. Anne's email is

Once we have an idea of the number of volunteers we will call a meeting to get together and work out how it can work again. 


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