Published on Fri, 7 Jan 2022 07:33

Our services resume this Sunday starting at 10.30, and Jo Tatum will be leading and presiding at Communion. 

Children's work resumes too, and they meet in the Church Hall.                           Please drop your child/children off before the service.                                            They will be coming back into Church at 11.15.

Next week, there will a 8.30 am Communion Service too, and another one is planned for 6th February.

All 10.30 services are live streamed as well as Church being open!

Please could we ask you to do a lateral flow before coming to Church, and to wear masks in Church at all times. Also if you are feeling unwell please do not attend.

As you can appreciate, we are trying to make is it as safe as possible in this current climate.

Please also remember that everyone of us is walking a different journey in this Covid season, and that for someone coming to Church or leading activities is not possible at the moment. 

Let us love one another and appreciate the struggles it causes for everyone.

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