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Adult Baptism
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Interested in baptism as an adult?
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We can also baptise adults - either by sprinkling at the font, or by full immersion in a small pool.
Adult baptism, often called "believers baptism", is for an adult who has not been baptized as a child, to publically affirm their own faith as a believer in Jesus Christ. This is a sign of someone deciding that they want to be a Christian - to live a life following Jesus, and growing as His disciple.
The full immersion baptism is a poignant symbol of dying to the old life and rising to a new life with Christ.

If you would like to be baptised as an adult, contact the office (
You will be invited to talk to one of the ministers and usually join one of our courses, such as Pilgrim, to explore the faith. 

Sometimes if you become a Christian as an adult, or renew your faith, there can be an opportunity to renew the baptismal vows that were made for you as a child.