Helping to Serve Coffee after Church on a Sunday Morning


Every Sunday a small group of volunteers provide the tea and coffee after our main service, which is such an important part of our Church Ministry. However it would be wonderful if this small team could become a big team, to share the workload and the love.


So we are looking for people who would like to join the team of coffee makers, who can share the workload between them across the year.


If all of our Church membership signed up for this team, then it would average out at each person making the coffee just 3 or 4 times a year. 


Ideally we have 4 people from the team carrying out the coffee duties each Sunday and members of the team can assign themselves to the Sundays that best suit them.


The activities involved are quite straight forward and everyone will get a chance to work with someone who has done it before, so nobody will be left wondering what to do. The basic activities are :-


                     Heat the water

                     Get the cups out

                     Serve the coffee and tea, as people come into the hall

                     Collect the cups and wash up

                     Tidy up and put away.


If you would like to Join the team, contact either of the Church Wardens or the PCC Secretary (Paul Wicks) and they will include you in the growing team of volunteers. 


Or if you are having coffee after Church on a Sunday morning and the team are looking a bit stretched, with washing up or whatever, then feel free to help them.