St Wilfrid’s PCC

PCC stands for the ‘Parochial Church Council’ and is a body of men and women elected by the congregation to work with the vicar in providing oversight for the ministry, mission and fabric of the church. Elections are held on a yearly basis at the Church AGM. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or concerns relating to the life of the church, you should feel free to talk to any of our PCC members. Likewise, if you’d like to get involved with PCC speak to the church wardens.





We are currently going through the process to get a new Vicar, following Phil Marsh's departure in July 2019, to take on a new role in the Ely Diocese, after 10 years as our incumbent here at St WIlfrid's.



I am married to Carol and have three daughters, Clare, Alice and Helen. I have been a member of St Wilfrid's since 1995 and have served on the PCC for the last 18 years as Hall Manager, Church Warden and Secretary. I am also and Foundation Trustee and Member at Emmanuel School. My interests are cycling, going to the gym (regular member at ROKO), playing guitar, playing bridge and drinking beer.



PCC Secretary

Paul Wicks

(Deanery Synod Rep)


Eddie has been a member of St Wilfrid's congregation for the last 17 years, and was appointed churchwarden for a second period in April 2018 after being church warden for 7 years from 2006. Eddie is  just starting his retirement from several roles throughout my career. He has managed many and varied telecommunication and railway projects at home and around the world for the likes of Marconi and finance projects for local authorities. And aside from Church projects  has in his career worked on projects in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong as well as here in the UK.


Church Warden

 Eddie Mason

Wendy has been a member of the PCC for 7 years, as a Church warden, she is continuing in this role for another year. She is married to Ian and has two children. Along with this role, she also works as a teacher, enjoying the delights and challenges of a year 1 class.

Wendy is also involved with the Children and Youth team, working with both age groups, and a Governor at South Wilford Primary School.

It has been a privilege, and joy for Wendy, as she journeys with Church to seek God’s calling in the development of seeking our own sense of what mission and ministry look like. Both, together and individually too!


Church Warden

Wendy Cranefield

I became a member of St Wilfrid's Church in October 2006. The friendly people and love for Jesus drew me in and I was Confirmed by the Bishop in 2008. That was the same year I joined the PCC as apprentice to Roger Periam, the Treasurer, and in 2009 I took over as Treasurer and remained there until now (other than a one-year break in 2017).

My passion is to serve God and the church family in any area that I am needed. This includes the above and home group leader, coffee rota, sub warden’s rota, children's mission and novice comedian. The last one might not be my calling, but neither are the many other mission groups I have ticked boxes for over the years in a flurry of crazy enthusiasm. You cannot go far wrong if you try everything and find what fits you best and along the way you make friends and family for life.

Director of Finance 

Pete Brown

(Deanery Synod Rep)


Accounts Manager

Gary Evans

I joined the PCC in 2015 having been a part of St Wilfrid’s church since 2010 along with my wife, Kelly. We have 3 children (normally the noisy ones in the service!), and I work as a doctor specialising in geriatric medicine, currently based at Derby Hospital. I joined PCC with a passion to help drive the church forwards, keeping its broad appeal to all generations, and help on the church halls team and am a governor at South Wilford School.






Tom McGowan


Ian Cranefield


Rose Brown

(Deanery Synod Rep)


Chris Bemrose


Lindsey Barnes

Having been a regular attendee at carol services and the like for many years, but never taking the final step, I became a regular worshipper at St Wilfrid’s in December 2014.  

I reaffirmed my baptism vows on Easter Sunday 2015 and was confirmed by Bishop Tony at East Leake in October of that same year.

I am particularly interested in the history of our ancient and wonderful church and the people who have worshipped there over the centuries and I would like to see St Wilfrid’s return to being a major focus of the Wilford community at all times and a haven of quietness, respect and reverence during services.

I would also like to see better communication of church – and other - activities and events, in appropriately accessible ways, to a wider spectrum of the current and potential members of the congregation.

As well as being a member of the Parochial Church Council, I am part of the church Fabric Team, and love the fellowship of taking part in the occasional campus work parties both in the church and its grounds, and have lately enjoyed being a not necessarily absolutely tuneful member of the delightful pop-up choirs at Christmas and Easter.


Ray Hutchins

My Name is Ian Baker and I have been worshiping at St Wilfrids since 2012. I am Married to Melissa, and we have 2 children, Gracie and Sam.
I have been greatly blessed since joining this congregation who have been unwavering in their support over the years, celebrating in triumph and aiding in adversity.
I have been continually encouraged by both individuals and the church as a community to develop my God given talents and explore my ministry.
I am a member of the PCC and am also involved in the planning and delivery of Sunday Services.

Ian Baker

I started worshipping at St Wilfrid’s in January 2016, when I moved into the area. I have two grown up daughters Hannah and Rebecca. I am a social worker for the Local Authority, Adult Social Care and Health. I was elected on the PCC in April 2018 which in turn followed involvement with Young Life and recently becoming the Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator.

I feel privileged to be accepted and warmly welcomed in to the church family at St Wilfrid’s and I am passionate and excited in being able to help seek and be part of God’s direction and his plans for the future mission and ministry of the church .


David Shardlow

I became a regular member of the congregation at St Wilfrid’s in early 2015, and on Easter Sunday 2018 reaffirmed my baptismal vows.

Like my husband, I am interested in the history of our church, and would like to see it successfully continue to serve the people of Wilford – of all ages - for many years into the future.

I joined the PCC particularly to represent the interests and put forward the views of the ‘ordinary’ members of the congregation that are so often lost or not heard amongst the wider and more ‘trendy’ initiatives and activities of the church and the diocese, but am not currently finding that this is an easy thing to do – but I am willing to persevere!

As well as being a member of the PCC, I am in the church Fabric Team, and enjoy joining the occasional work parties in the church and in its grounds, and have lately enjoyed singing in the pop-up choirs at Christmas and Easter, and would like to see these popping up on a more regular basis – and singing more of the older hymns that are so much missed by many of the more mature members of the congregation.

Pat Hutchins


Hi My name is Anne, I’ve been a member of St Wilfrids church for around 17 years, I was on the PCC for about 6 years but have had a break and have just come back on. I live in the village and have just retired as manager at Wilford Village playgroup after 26 years. I’ve been married to Eddie (one of the church wardens) for over 44 years and we have 1 son, Steven.

Anne Mason


I became a member of Wilford Church in 2006 with my wife, Mel and our two daughters Chloe and Elizabeth. I’ve served on PCC in the past and only recently came back on to PCC. My reason for returning is quite simple. I believe that God is calling us in Wilford to go forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm and build on what has gone before to become an even more welcoming and outward looking church. There’s lots of potential for growth in our community and I want to be a part of these exciting times.

Chris Smith



Barry Lee  
Margaret Kidger  
Wendy Brown